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Surgery update

Just wanted to post an update on my dad who had his surgery a couple of weeks ago. I delighted to say he’s doing really well. We had a few hiccups along the way, he had to go back to theatre and developed surgical emphysema but he’s now home and recovering well. All the useful advice we received here has been put into practice so thank you all. My dad was in Glenfield Leicester and his care was fantastic so grateful for the excellent care he received. Now just waiting to see if he needs chemo!!

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Thats brilliant news York03. Love to dad. :) x


Great news x


Hi so glad your dad is doing well I was in glen field for my op and got surgical emphysema but cleared up with a week the care you get there is so good I had mine five years ago and had preventive chemo not as strong as normal so hope your dad does as well good luck to you both xxx


Great news, onwards & upwards. Big hugs to you both


Good news! Chemo is likely to be discussed as a preventative. If removal shows no spread of the cancer, as was my case. I chose not to, as there is no chemo for the rare cancers. the 5 year follow up would detect any return. It won’t for me as mine was large and unseen on scans. My lung lobe removal was for a large cyst , the cancer was a shock, but I soon got over it. My Dad died many years ago aged 55 with lung cancer. Today we have a better chance of survival than decades ago. Good luck to your Dad, in whatever choice he takes.

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Great news - a good hospital with excellent clinicians, nurses and reputation. Here's to a good recovery although need to be realistic - he will have some bad days but as I approached, each hour offered a new opportunity…. my surgery was December 2010. i didn't have chemo but the type I had - there was no evidence that it had any effect but much more is known now about the different mutations/biomarkers so best to be advised by his own clinician. good luck for a continued recovery.


Dear York03

It is great to hear your Dad is recovering well. The forum is so valuable in finding support and encouragement and thank you for the feedback to all those who have kindly responded to you from their own experience.

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team


Just a note to find out how your dad is doing? sometimes we think once the surgery has happened, that it will all be a smooth ride. hope he's going on ok - as mentioned previously, there may be better days than others as sometimes we can over do things and need to rest. thinking of you.


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