Crackling in the mouth

Hi all - this is a strange post I know, but I promised the oncologist and consultant that I saw that I would post when I got time. When I saw them I was asked what symptoms, if any, I had noticed before my CT scan and cancer diagnosis. I had very few. I already had a persistent tickly cough for years (side effect of blood pressure medication) and it just got worse and more persistent. Then there was the occasional breathlessness which I put down to being unfit. (I had damaged my left hip and knee walking the dogs, and hadn't done any even gentle exercise for months). But the other thing I had noticed - which I laughed about when trying to explain it - was that at night, when I lay down, apart from coughing a bit more for a while, I had a "crackling" sensation in my mouth/nose on the exhale. Now, they said that a few other patients had mentioned this in passing, and they wondered if anyone else had? Anyone else on here had the same "symptom"? (I think they MAY be wondering if it could be another early sign of lung cancer?)


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  • During the diagnostic process for my lung cancer, I could hear a "crackling" that actually was coming from my lungs--turns out the tumor in my lung was contributing to obstructive pneumonia.

    Also, during my second line chemo (Alimta-Avastin), my nose bled most every day (which I hear is not uncommon with Avastin). My sinuses have since healed, but now when I'm lying in bed in the morning I hear a bit of crackling in my sinuses. It goes away after I get up. I think all the sinus irritation during that chemo might have scarred my sinuses a bit, and I get an accumulation of moisture in my sinuses during the night from my CPAP that needs time to drain. I've had No Evidence of Disease for over four years on a targeted therapy, but the morning crackles continue.

  • Hi hope you sill doing ok like you have been. Never heard of that symptom before! When is it you go to hospital next? I met up with group of people who are doing my next run with me at end of may for us to decide who we are fundraising for and to decide on our colour t shirts to wear! There are 22 of us now and most of them are from the school I work so it was their last day for Easter hols yesterday so finished at 2 which was good time to meet at pub!! Doesn't look like we having a sunny day again at moment!! Hope you have got a sunny Plymouth!!! Thinking of you. Love and hugs x

  • Hi webbs8! Not doing too badly thank you. Am now back in Plymouth (bit overcast this morning, but I actually live on Dartmoor, so not unusual!) and I have a meeting with the oncologist down here tomorrow. I'll be honest, I'm a little concerned. When I saw the oncologist at Wythenshawe last week, they explained that, if I stayed in the north, I would start chemo within 10 days/2 weeks; but, they understood my reasons for returning south, and have sent all information down to the local hospital. They did say that they would expect my local hospital to start chemo within two weeks. Well, I spoke to one of the cancer unit nurses yesterday, who said basically oh no, you won't be starting treatment yet - we are booking appointments for the week beginning 24th, so it won't be before then. Now, Wythenshawe are fairly sure that, at the moment, the cancer is still confined to the right lung,biopsy on the lymph nodes in the lung showed clear and unaffected, but they are concerned that there are some "speckles" within the lung that look like they may be the cancer spreading, and wanted me to start chemo quickly to "knock out" any nasties. I'm worried that the delay down here could mean that it gets a chance to spread - and then I could be in even worse trouble. Not sure how to approach it - I don't know if I can insist that I start treatment sooner. Wythenshawe have already started me on steroids, folic acid etc, and I'm getting a few side effects (vision disturbance) but don't want to stop unless it's going to be weeks. Good luck with your run!! Let me know how you get on :-)

  • Ah bless you, I bet you are. That is reason to be concerned and what a shame they are not starting the chemo earlier there! Is it worth trying to speak to Wythenshawe about it to see what they say. Do you have to take steroids before having chemo then? You poor thing getting side effects from them too. Are you ok taking the dogs out still? Thinking of you lots x

  • Well, Wythenshawe did say to ring them if it looked like the chemo wouldn't start soon, so I think I will today. I was going to wait until after the meeting tomorrow, but after what the nurse said yesterday, I'm not a "happy bunny"!!! Think I might need to get a bit "bolshie" about it! Not sure about the steroids, just did as I was told!! :-) (Which if you knew me would be totally out of character!) Picking up my dogs this afternoon - going to be absolutely manic when they get back. To be honest, if it hadn't been for them, I may well have stayed north for treatment, but that would have meant leaving them in kennels for another 3/4 months (they've already been in for a month) and though they love it there, it isn't fair - and it is expensive - costs me £34/day for the two of them!! :-)

  • Yeh prob good idea to ring them before meeting tomoz. I think you do go along with what they tell you as you are feeling quite vulnerable! Ah the dogs will be very excited seeing you, yeh bet it is! You are doing brill, you keep going like you are and enjoy getting the terrors back this afternoon! x

  • Going to get licked to death, muddy and covered in dog hair! :-)

  • Ha ha sounds like best tonic!!!! x

  • Hi LisR

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

    I have not heard of this symptom prior to diagnosis, however everyone's experience is different and the forum is a great place to source first hand experience.

    There has been some research at Boston University, looking at nasal swabs for the detection of lung cancer in smokers. I have copied the link in for you below :

    If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number

    0800 358 7200

    All the best

    The Roy Castle Support Team

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