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Xmas cancer thoughts


Hi ,Just wanted to say a few words to anyone else out there battling lung cancer and all of its complications for me ,brain Mets and cardiac ? Mets.I am on a steroid role right now so luckily feeling up beat for Xmas whilst awaiting a new treatment plan ,which may work out to watch and wait .Getting any sort of cancer is a crushing blow that I know but in a way it also brings some bizarre positives .I had no idea how many friends I had and how kind patient and positive these friends could be .I am not particularly needy and my expectations from friends (who are also having busy lives of their own) are few. I also amazed at the general kindness of strangers who are helping me on this journey ,now I am slightly disabled due to brain tumour.It is a humbling experience letting go of my old fast pace working life was difficult ,life is slower now but ok .I am lucky to have a superb support network .Family and a husband who I swear is growing wings just love him more each day. So I am lucky I know not everyone feels like this for the first two years post diagnosis I was so angry and difficult to be around ,I seem to have got past this so to all the angry out there ,l know how that feels .I just wanted to get treated and go back to the place I had been before it really doesn't work like that it takes time . Any way keep as upbeat as you can and enjoy family and friends this Xmas as best you can .Diane

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Oh Diane what an absolutly beautiful and inspiring post , you are a star and i am sure you deserve an angel in your life lol especially at Christmas.

Your road has been a rough one but you manage to remain positive and i just think you are an amazing lady . I wish you and yours a happy , peaceful Christmas, remember to be kind to yourself always .

Love and best wishes


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I know I am not alone on this difficult journey, have a happy Xmas and a good new year xxx

You are inspiration. When I was going through treatment I used to go upstairs & scream the anger out. My husband used to be so scared when I did this, but got used to it as he knows it helped. Everyone on this amazing forum, have a Wonderful Christmas & enjoy your loved ones.


Dear Diane

Thank you for such a beautiful post and sharing your journey. As everyone has said it is truly inspiring ,and will be of great encouragement to many.

Wishing you all the best for 2019.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Have a good Christmas Diane. Lovely to read your post. Xxx

What a beautiful inspiring story thanks for sharing i loved reading it wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Health and Happiness in 2019.

What a lovely post. Thank you. It can sometimes be easier to dwell on the negative than the better experiences we can have - I feel blessed to have met some wonderful people - patients, and clinicians since my own diagnosis almost 8 years ago yet tinged with sadness of losing some friends and fellow advocates. I also have a better appreciation for the things that matter in life and as you say, aspects of life that were less than positive - such as constant 'busy- ness' and stressful working life no longer so important despite being busy but with different work now - a lot of it cancer research related which feels more worthwhile to help others. Pleased you have a good support network and online support is helpful. It's good to get beyond the anger as you have done but anger can be an energiser so I tried to channel my 'frustration/anger ' into trying to influence and improve the system where possible. Well done on finding peace with your 'new normal'. I'll keep fingers crossed for you. My follow up to radical surgery on Dec 16 2010 was 'watchful waiting' which can be quite tricky to handle mentally but I found a book 'cancer is a word not a sentence' by Dr Rob Buckman helpful with that. Have a good Xmas and new year. take care.

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