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Raised calcium levels ?

Hi, Ive just had my 26 round of Pemertrexed maintance chemotherapy and the nurse has told me I have elevated calcium levels in my blood. The oncologist said it was ok to have my treatment to drink plenty of fluids and have a blood test the day before I see her in 10 days. My last ct scan in January showed another shrinkage in my tumour so thought all was going well. I have looked on the Internet, I know the worst thing to do but now veal really worried and down now. Has anybody has this problem? Christine

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Dear Christine

That is encouraging news about your last ct scan in January which showed further shrinkage and that the Oncologist is happy to continue treatment after assessing your calcium levels.

It is understandable how we all look things up on the internet, however it may not be very accurate and the misinformation can increase our worry.

With raised calcium levels , one of the first things to do is as has been advised to you is to drink plenty fluids. Being dehydrated can cause calcium to raise in the blood stream. Do keep your fluids up and hopefully this will reflect in your next blood test.

If you are having any change in symptoms or feel unwell, call your chemotherapy nurse or lung cancer specialist nurse.

We have a free nurse led helpline number if you wish to discuss anything on 0333 323 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

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