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Mum finally diagnosed, trying to be positive but feeling sad

Hello all, so after nearly 3 months of tests and scans my mum has been diagnosed with NSCLC (Adenocarcinoma) in her right lung and she is due to have a second biopsy on her left lung this week as the consultant suspects that she has another very small primary lung cancer in her left lung (this showed on the pet scan but not on the chest X-ray or ct scan) She has been told that she will have surgery to remove the tumour in her right lung and radiotherapy on the left side. The consultant mentioned in the letter to her GP that taking her general health into consideration along with the stage they are looking at cure. It is a relief to finally have a diagnosis and it appears to be early stage but I can't help feeling very anxious and worried 😐

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Hi MissyD, You are bound to be anxious and worried , however it seems they have diagnosed the tumours early enough for your mum to be cured.

It is a worrying time , but have faith in your surgeons and medical team , they are wonderful

at their job.

Best wishes to you and your mum. xx


Thanks jillygirl. best wishes to you too xx


Hello MissyD1, I am very sorry to hear of your mums recent diagnosis, you will be relived to hear that they have said it is still at an early stage and they feel it can be cured. It is only natural that you will both be anxious and apprehensive about commencing treatment, we have lots of information on our webiste and have booklets on surgery and radiotherapy which contain lots of information and may help to allay some fears or answer any questions you may have, this is available to order on line or you can give us a call on or free phone helpline 0800 358 7200. Do you have a lung cancer specialist nurse ? they can be of great support and can act as a go contact between hospital and yourself.

Wishing you all the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team


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