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Would a lung cancer cough get better?


I've had a cough for roughly 5 months, i smokes and I'm 51.

Ive had a chest x ray which was clear, and now had a CT scan last Friday, we have an appointment with a lung specialist tomorrow. Unsure if the results of the CT will be ready as the appointment was made the same day as the CT.

My question is, if it was lung cancer would the cough get better? My cough seems to have gotten a lot better this past week, i used to constantly clear my thoart, Now inhardly notice it now, coughing in the afternoon has also decreased a lot.

Thank you

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Hello NeedingAdvice1965,

A persistent cough can be a caused by many things, infection, COPD asthma and lung cancer, it sounds as though the medical staff who are responsible for your care are doing the right thing by investigating this. Smoking can make any of these conditions /symptoms worse and by cutting down or stopping smoking you would hopefully see an improvement. It is good that you have already had a CT scan you will be able to discuss your concerns and any results with the lung specialist during your appointment.

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline

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Not all coughs are lung cancer but are often a symptom that gets overlooked as we're encouraged to buy over the counter remedies rather than 'wasting the doctor's time' hence recent campaigns to get people who've had persistent and long lasting cough (especially where a change in the cough has been experienced) to get to a doctor so further tests can be done. Yes, the cough could get better - depends on the treatment - so as I'm often given steroids to reduce inflammation in the airways and antibiotics for flare ups (I had half my left lung removed in Dec 2010 for lung cancer) the cough is either suppressed or the infection/inflammation that caused the irritation improves. coughs can often be triggered by allergens - pollens, mould spores, airborne pollutants, perfumes, cats/dogs, etc so once the initial allergy response has kicked in, the cough can settle. Hope the CT scan was good and your cough was not LC.


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