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Further to my first post (4 minutes ago!) I just realized a couple of things I meant to ask - but i can't figure out if I can edit the previous post. The CT scan indicates it is confined to the right lung, but how accurate are they? I'm scared it might actually have spread, though the report said the lymph nodes outside the lung eg armpits etc were showing clear, lung wall showing clear etc. The other thing that worries me (and the main reason for going north to the specialist clinic) is that if the tumour is already T4 does that mean it is aggressive, and growing fast?? Hence could spread fast outside the primary site? And how fast do they spread?

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  • Hi LisR, C.T scans are pretty accurate. As for whether your tumour is aggresive would be a question for your lung cancer nurse or consultant. If they have said you are showing clear on the lymph nodes, I would think your tumour shouldnt spread. I am no expert and every patient is different . I wish you good luck with this. You could also give the Roy Castle lung foundation a call for advice. :) xxx


  • Thank you jillygirl! just at that awful stage of not knowing; not knowing how bad it is, not knowing whether it's treatable, what the prognosis might be, how long any treatment might last etc etc etc!!!! All the usual fears. Until I get up to Manchester at the end of the week, and booked into the clinic, all up in the air. I'm trying to stay positive, and my "bloody-mindedness, stubborn streak" and macabre sense of humour are in general helping me through. I am stressed, naturally, but I keep trying to relegate the fears to the back of my mind. Ironically, since the last set of antibiotics (for the supposed chest infection) I've felt better than I had for weeks!!

  • Sorry LisR just saw your second message. As Jillygirl said the specialists will know if it is aggressive or a slow tumour and probably approx. When you got it. Ask to see your scans if you want to it may help you understand. It did for me.


  • One thing you can ask is if there are mutations like Alk, EGFR and I have seen a post on here about others. If you have these Gene mutations in a biopsy there are targeted therapies now available. I am sure the specialist clinic will do all the right checks before treatment.


  • Hi LisR,

    Generally if you have stage4 lung cancer,palliative chemotherapy,radiotherapy or targeted therapy is commonly recommended.Your oncologist or lung cancer nurse specialist will discuss the treatments available to you at the Wythenshawe. They will be in a better position to tell you how aggressive the tumour is following the investigations and tests.

    In relation to staging there is some information available at

    Kind regards,

    All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

  • Thank you. looking at the link, it appears mine would class as stage 3a - the numbers I was given are T4N1M0. So could be worse - at least I assume so!!! Trying to stay positive, and think positive .........

  • Hi LisR if you want toe delete or edit your post go into where it says reply and the downward arrow click there and you will see the choices.

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