Lung Cancer

on Monday 2nd July, my world got turned upside down with the news that I have got Lung Cancer. They can not operate because it has gone into the other lung and there are small lesions in both. They scanned my brain and it was clear. They have also done a biopsy which they took 3 samples.

Today 18th July, I have my first appointment to see the Oncologist to find out what is going to happen.

I am checking out everything I can take and do to help me beat this.

Have been checking out healing Caner naturally. This mentions bar carbonate of soda. And apricot kernels. If anyone know or have tried these can they let me know. Well I managed to get some Apricote kernels and went on to the Internet to find out how many I have to start with. It was one a day and to build up slowly. I took two over two days but didn't feel well so I stopped to see if it was the kernels or something else and it was the kernels. Has anyone else tried these and felt pain in the stomach and nausea?

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  • Hi Georgie

    Best thing is to take someone with you to your appointment and ask as many questions as you like. Listen to everything that's said. Make sure you contact the cancer nurse specialist, who can point you in the right direction for sound information and advice.

    Best wishes, Bill

  • Hi Bill, I have just read about you over coming lung cancer, it's good to hear! And thank you once again for your earlier message.

    I have stage 4 inoperable lung cancer. It has spread from my right lung to my left with smaller lesions. It also has effected my Pericarium. I have to wait until the results are back to see what treatment I will receive.

  • Look up Polly Noble via Google or Facebook, she is curing her cancer with a Raw diet, lot's of greens etc

    Rick Simpson > Run from the cure > Cured cancer with Hemp Oil

    Stay off meat & diary & folllow a vegan diet!!! White Sugar feeds cancer so avoid it..

    Bi - carb soda, apricot kernels, Graviola.. kale all help kill cancer cells.. I am a strong believer in natural cures rather than the big pharma toxic drugs that might make the tumour smaller but in the long term ruin your body & organs..

    I've seen first hand what chemo does & if i could turn back time, i would have never let my mum have treatment for her terminal lung cancer, i mean if it's terminal why suggest chemo to prolong her life.. The drugs killed her much quicker than the cancer did i'm positive..

    Take Care & keep positive

  • Thank you Bill, I live in Spain and my husband will be with me and I have written down a list of questions I want to know. It's just a little scary as I don't know what to expect.

  • Hi Georgie, hopefully I've caught you before your appointment. We have a booklet called Answering Your Questions, which you might find useful and will help you with some questions you might to ask your oncologist. Best of luck with everything and keep us posted on your treatment. Best wishes Emma x

  • Thank you EmmaG, unfortunately I just found your message after we came back from my Oncologist appointment.

    Well I have stage 4 inoperable lung cancer small cell. It is in operable and stage 4 because it has spread into my left lung the first is in my right lung and measures 4.5cm x 3.5 then the second one in my left is 14x17mm. There is also small lessions which have spread. My Oncologist prefers to wait until the biopsy comes back to see what is the best treatment. Although I could star on chemo straight away but I may have to change over depending upon the results. He has informed me that it is near on impossible to irradicate all the cancer. But they hope to shrink it as much as possible!

    It's nice to be able to get positive information on here as that helps me to stay positive!

  • Georgie....get a second opinion if you can. Your local hospital may be limited by the type of machinery they have available. Ask them if they can target your tumours with a linear accelerator/cyberknife machine. Your tumours are not that big at this stage. Try to be positive and aggressive in chasing treatment. You are fighting for your life, so make sure you do not get fobbed off.

  • Thank you I will check it out. Not sure what they have here in costa del sol. Although the Costa del sol hospital is very good. At the moment we are waiting on the generic testing results. Been told takes 15days, it's been sent to Navarra. We have already been on the web to find out the name if the best guy he's up in Barcelona. Will get hubby to con act him today!

  • Hi Geoff, do you know if there is a hospital with this back in Uk? As I can stay with my son in London if need be. We are checking if there is anywhere in Spain that have it. As you say it's my life and you have to fight for it!

  • St Barthlemews Hostpital in London have this machine. I finished my treatment recently..... very good team and painless . Take care and keep fighting.

  • Thank you for you interest. At the moment the pain isn't too bad! It's more to do with my other health problems. (osteoarthritis, in my back, neck, knees, hips, wrists etc.). I found the b17 yesterday along with hemp oil extract. We are to health shop this morning to get some! I am also making smoothies with everything I can find that helps cure cancers. I have an IPad so downloaded apps. Kefir live yoghurt also good for you. Keep positive and good luck. X

  • Sorry to hear your news, stay strong and fight. I too am coming to terms with being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and have found comfort in the support of others from this site. Take care x

  • Thank you and the very same to you Lulla. Keep us up to date with your progress.

    I have just visited my local health shop and the guy there was very helpful he has given me the name of a book to read. PH Miracle written by Dr. Young.

    Also to get some ph strips to check my ph every morning. He also mentioned Bicarbonate of Soda. (Cancer). Don't know if anyone else knows about this? If so can you post?

    I went to see him to get b17. But don't have he gave me a bag of Apricot Kernels. Just have to check Internet to find out how and how much to take.

  • Hi Georgie, I'm in the same boat as you and I've just started taking the apricot kernels (B17) 3gm per day for the first 21days then 2 gm per day for 3 months. It's about 10 kernels. Don't swallow them whole, crush them and put on your food or in a smoothie as they don't taste very nice! The hemp oil is not what you can buy in the chemists as that will be cold pressed and won't work. Try the apricot kernels for now. Best of luck.

  • Thank you I have just taken one in a fruit drink. It's says to start off with one and build up slowly. Hope all goes well for you. I am getting from Gibraltar next week hemp oil, and Bicarbinate of soda with maple syrup. Willing to try anything!

  • Forgot to say Cyberknife is done at Royal Marsden and St Barts, in London. But you have to be referred to them. You know what our health trusts are like over here, won't spend a penny if they can help it! So I couldn't get a referral. I son't know what the situation will be from Spain.

  • Sorry to hear you couldn't get referred. I will check it out.

  • I too am still reeling from the news that I have received this month that I have inoperable lung cancer. Today I start on a new treatment which targets the EGFR mutation on my cancer.

    I am starting on a drug called Iressa which supposedly has less side effects than traditional chemo - let's hope so!

    I am just trying to stay positive and seeing some of the stories here really helps

  • Stay positive. Sending you all the very best of wishes. Keep us up to date with your treatment.

  • Hello suesal123, keep positive and trust this new drug and the hospital team as I did. I started with IRESSA 21 months ago, and now I feel good, no more brethlessness, no more pain, just wonderful. Stay strong xx

  • Hi, please try and stay positive it will be hard at first, try and make sure you have some " me " time every day, I was diagnosed with inoperable cancer stage 3b in october 2007, im doing really well at the moment Im saying this to give hope to others, I take mistletoe injections and essiac tincture and manuka honey as alternative treatments its just finding out whats right for you and what suits your body. After my treatment I had combined chemo and radiotherapy, I bought a small personal cd and either listened to talking books or some cds as a distraction when my mind was whizzing especially when i woke during the night. i wish only the best for everyone who is beginning their journey i remember how hard it was and sometimes still is! xxxx

  • Hi Georgie, try and see Dr Cortez and Dr Torrabedella at the Marbella High Care Clinic in Marbella. It is I understand one of the best cancer hospitals in Spain. Dr Cortez is a specialist he practices in Madrid and visits weekly, they are connected with some of the latest advancements in USA. Good luck and stay strong.

  • Cyberknife is available privately in "cyberknife london". Also try to google "tomotherapy" and research it. It is one of the best linear accelerator type of radiography machines. My Mum had an "inopertable and terminal" tumour and was not offered treatment. We researched the linear accelerator sites and found one near us, (Clatterbridge). We finally got her admitted under the NHS but they used conventional radiography machines on her..not the fancy new ones. When I queried it they told me "we save our robot machine for younger, more deserving patients" !!!

    Despite that, the radiotherapy was 99% sucessful, virtually converted the tumour to harmless scar tissue and Mum improved massively with no ill effects. HOWEVER, the NHS delayed her treatment so long that she got secondary cancers which went unreported to us and Mum died because the hospiutal refused to treat the secondary. Damn them all to hell!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. It's awful that someone has to die when there is help for them.

    I wish you and your family Peace, Health and Happiness.

  • Hi can any help I am in a dilemma. We found the name of a Top Lung Cancer guy in Barcelona. Hubby emailed him to get me an appointment for a 2nd opinion. Just heard back this morning and they want us to send a sample of the tumour so they can test it. So have o ask pathology to see if here is enough and can we have some? Before we get an appointment to go to see him. I am not sure how this will effect my relationship with my Oncologist here at the Costa de Sol hospital. But I know it's my life and I have to do everything I can to prolong it! As anyone else been in this situation?

  • It's so uplifting to hear all these stories. My mum is newly diaignosed with lung cancer, which her doctor says they will operate on, however today she got the sad news that it looks like it has spread to her kidney. She is so upset about this as are we all. It should be confirmed next week. She has been poked and prodded for so long and playing the waiting game. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of kidney tumours and how they can be treated? Your help will be so appreciated as I am so upset at the moment. xx

  • Hi I've just got some Organic Maple Syrup and some premium baking soda, I have been told to mix 15table spoons of syrup with 4 table spoons of baking powder mix together over a low heat until it rises and then remove and let it cool down. Put it into a glass container in the fridge. When your ready to eat some give it a stir and take it 4times a day for ten days. Apparently some people highly recommend it. Has anyone heard of this or even tried it?

  • CberKnife treatment is available at Barts in London. I have recently had treatment there. Easy, painless treatment and just feel tired at times. I am told the results are equal to conventional surgery. My treatment was NHS. Good luck everyone.

  • Hi

    In our support group we have a lady with inoperable stage 4 NSCLC diagnosed March 2007

    we also have another lady with inoperable, incurable breast and lung cancer diagnosed in Feb 2009, both ladies attend Tia Chi classes and are looking pretty good.

    Hope this helps

    Good luck

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