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It never stops, does it?

Ooh, my Oncologist must like me! Rang me up tonight to appraise me of the situation after the last head scan.

3yrs after being diagnosed with LC it appears I have signs of a lump in the the Pons area of the brain- it appears to be around 2 - 2.5 centimetres. He has cancelled next Monday's meeting with him and arranged for a MRI scan on the 10th. If that proves positive, then I'm going to be booked in for some Gamma Knife surgery at Leeds.

More crossed fingers needed

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Hi Topgun

I had LC in 2012 and after 4 years no re-appearance, but I had mets to the brain in 2015 and had a tumour removed from the frontal part and on the other side I had SRS. I am being monitored every 4 months for the brain but to date everything has been clear. I am keeping well and can do 10 lengths in the swimming pool which I couldn't do before ever!

I wish you well with your scans they can do marvellous these days with the brain. Look at my updates on here.

Best wishes


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