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Terminal lung cancer


My husband has been given months to live the chemotherapy hasn't worked and they can do no more for him. The Tumour is pressing on his food pipe and he has been unable to eat properly constantly gagging and being sick, today he's had an esophagus stent fitted boy what an awful experience it's been very painful, we now await to see if it enables him to eat properly. The sadness and pain I am feeling is horrendous I just don't know how I will cope with loss of him.

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I am so sorry to hear your news. The palliative care my dad received from the district and then the Marie Curie nurse's was 2nd to none. We were supported too, in so many ways, emotionally and practically. There is a lot of help out there so let them help. This is a difficult, stressful and emotional time for you and I found this forum a great comfort for a rant and for practical advice. keeping strong and positive 24/7 is hard and its ok to let go sometimes, there is always someone on here to talk to. x

my love goes to you and your family and I hope and send wishes that the intervention works to allow your husband to eat. Like others have said ask for support from organisations and anyone close to you. Much love to you. Tracey


Hello Aiden2014,

I am very sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis, this is a very supportive forum and you will find people who are in similar situations as yourself, it can be of help to read the experiences shared by others.

Coming to terms with diagnosis can be a very difficult experience and especially with the knowledge that your husband's disease is not curable and the chemotherapy has not been effective. Hopefully now he has the stent fitted the unpleasant symptoms he has been experiencing will ease making eating and swallowing easier.

Do you have a lung cancer or cancer nurse specialist nurse, they can be of great help and give advice on any support available in your local area, they are there to assist both of you. Have you been referred to the palliative care team, they will help and advise on dealing with symptoms and pain management, also will be able to give you support as the carer and help you through this difficult journey.

Please give us a call on our helpline if you want to talk through your questions, we are happy to listen and to offer any help, our free phone number is 0800 358 7200

Kind regards The Roy Castle Helpline

I have just read your post and my heart goes out to you. I was in this situation this time last year. I can't think of any words that will help either of you at this time but please know that I am thinking of you. Best wishes Diana.

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