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Lung Cancer Duration of Symptoms Before Diagnosis

Hi, I haven't been well for 2 years, lots of fatigue, weight loss and thick phlegm in my throat. I have had a couple of clear xrays - lungs clear, heart normal size, and a CT scan with no worrying comments (this was done last year). My GP has said the length of symptoms alone (approx. 21 months) makes lung cancer unlikely and if it was, it would have progressed and be easy to find. Is he right?

Any advice would be great and really help me. Thanks.

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Hello Aarony, it sounds as though your Gp has been active and acted on your concerns by sending you for chest x-rays and CT scan and reassuring that the results so far have been clear. There can be many causes of fatigue and weight loss, you could keep a diary of your symptoms and make a further appointment with Gp to discuss your concerns with him.

Kind regards Roy Castle Help-Line


Thank you so much for responding. It gives me some reassurance. My GPs have been very good so far, they just seem so busy I wondered if they had been missing something. Sounds like they haven't. Kind regards.


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