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Trial at the Christie

Hi, Since my last post about Immunotherapy a lot has happened, I was initially going to start on Docetaxel/Nintedanib tomorrow as the trial at the Christie was full. Then i had a call from them to say there was a place for me after all and i start the screening process on Thursday. I am nervous but exited at the same time and while i know its a trial drug and may not work we never know till we try. I have a Melanoma mutation in my Lung cancer which made me a prime candidate for this Pan-raf inhibitor trial. Is anyone else on this trial at the Christie in Manchester? if they are it would be good to compare notes.

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Good luck with the trial. Sounds like it was hard to get on to. We tried to get my husband on to an immunotherapy trial in London but he didn't have the right kind of mutation so it didn't work out. It would definitely have been a good option though if he could have tried. All the best to you. Kx

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HI Caitesnan59

Good luck with the trial and hope all goes well for you, keep us posted how it all goes.

Our free nurse - led helpline number is 0800 358 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


I have completed a rial drug at christies about 12mths ago and foung fantastic have another scan nxt week at christies and bloods gor trial to c if its atill working, so good luck and enjoy every day as it comes


Thanks everyone, i went to the christie yesterday and signed the consent form, have a lot of tests and scans next week then hopefully start trial on 3rd October. Got to stay in hospital for first 48 hours then weekly visits after that.


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