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Hi, just wanted to say I have had results from my 1st scan since being on the trial Atlantic at Christies, well no progression at present and a small sign of shrinkage to the small nodules on both lungs, so consultant says to carry on with the trial, I must say thou I have been lucky with having no side effects and I feel and look so well so I'm now looking forward to my weekend away to see LionalRichie in Manchester on 27th of feb, so stay positive everyone, have a good weekend and I will keep posting on the wonderful site,xx

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HI just wanted to say , great news and no side effects. Life can feel some what normal when there is no side effects. I know I can put thoughts away for a while when I am able to go away for the weekend and do normal activity's. Enjoy your concert . I am going to see Simple Minds in Liverpool , going away for Good Friday weekend. Hoping also to transfer to Christie's for treatment , in March for further treatment. I hear so much about how people are treated differently to my local area.

Good Luck and best wishes


The staff at Christies are so positive and never talk about negative things, we all know our lives ave been shortened by the horrible disease but I have nothing but praise for the staff and my consultant was so pleased that I'm responding to the trial, it's called" Atlantic" and it boosts the immune sty stem to fit the cancer, I hope u do well with ur treatment, is it chemotherapy that ur having u must let me know when ur goin and maybe we could meet up, wishing u all the very best and good luckx


Good news - enjoy your weekend. Which trial are you on?



Glad you are responding well. The shrinkage hopefully is encouraging and the lack of side effects positive.

Enjoy your concert,

Thank you for sharing the benefits of the site and your experiences,

best wishes to all.

Enjoy your Easter weekend, Kazza, sounds like fun.


Information & Support team


Great news! All the best! Kx


That's good news, good to hear and I hope it continues. Can I ask how you got refered to Christies? Is it local to you? Also what type of lung cancer/stage do you have?


I was referred by my oncologist after I had found another trial but if was not up and running do he out me forward for a similar trial but in Manchester I travel every other week from halifax it's a long day but worth it


Enjoy your weekend .... very good news.


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