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Treatment in the UK

Hey all,

Am new here - and I have to say this is the best Lung cancer support page I have found!

I'm a single, northern english lass currently living in Australia.

I was diagnosed with limited SCLC on my 44th Birthday in January this year - 4 rounds of cysplatin and etoposide, with 25 x radiation sessions running concurrently for the last two chemo rounds. I then went on and had ten sessions of PCI as a preventative for mets to the brain.

After the treatments there was found to be no evidence of disease. However this joy was short lived and I'm now back in limbo awaiting biopsies and further investigations on a lump in my breast and a lesion in my lower right lung which have magically appeared over the last 3 months.

Alongside the treatments and various side effects from treatments, I have suffered terribly with SIADH which they tell me is a side effect of the SCLC - has anyone else suffered from low sodium? I'm on a drug called Tolvapton at the moment which seems to be keeping it in check.

As I haven't seen my family for a number of years, I am hoping to have any further treatment in the UK but am not sure how to start. My family are all in North Yorkshire - is anyone familiar with the services in that region?

Any input much appreciated


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Hi there Moozy, Sorry to hear about your worries regarding cancer.

I am from West Yorkshire. I have had a pneumonectomy (whole lung) removed and an adrenal gland removed due to cancer. This is over a period of 4 years.

I go to St. James Leeds Bexley wing for my cancer care etc. I would definitely recommend you go there. They have one massive area (Bexley) just for oncology. Top consultants and surgeons. They have a website if your interested.

Good luck. :) xx


I live in West Yorkshire so when you return you will likely be under Leeds. They cover the whole Yorkshire area. They have a trial centre there so have a look on both the website and also at the cancer research uk website as they have a lot of info about trials that are running. I have a stage 2a nsclc and recently had surgery. I've been on a trial prior to surgery (ABLE trial) under dr mullatero at Leeds who is an oncologist specialising in lung cancer.

Hope this helps. With the web you can google Leeds cancer centre (bexley wing) from the other side of the world. Just make sure you bring as much info back with you as you can. Best of luck x

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Hello Moozy and welcome to our forum, you will find a lot of information here and many of our members are happy to share their experiences with you. Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis it sounds as if you are happy with your treatment in Australia but understandable that you would want to back home with family around for support. Jillygirl and jackie46 have given you useful advice on cancer services in the West Yorkshire area.

Siadh is an electrolyte abnormality of low sodium levels which can be found in Oncology patients, this requires treatment and monitoring of your blood levels.

If you wish to talk with someone please call our helpline 0333 323 7200.

Best wishes Roy Castle Helpline


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