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Loboctomy offered before diagnosis after biopsies, or antibiotics or growth shrinkage normal?

hi everyone im new to this sonthougjt it was the rigjt forum to post on

Ive had ct,pet ,biopsy bronc and another broncosvopy 7 needle biopsies as mass and chest lymphs lit up and they still dont know ug its cancer. It is a cavity and they want to perform a lobectony. Is this normal as they dint know uf its cancer or apergilious fungus. I though they used specific antibiotics or cancer shrinkage treatment before op. Dont undestand as breathing good apart from blood in morn. And how does a lobectony affevt your bresthing?

If anyone coyld help or direect me to the correct forum that would be appreciated.

Take care all.

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Hi Wartonk, have replied on BLF part of site but copying and pasting here for you.

Hi Wartonk, I had an upper left lobectomy in Jan 2013 (I had sqamous lc) via traditional surgery. Before the op I couldn't image how I was going to manage to breathe normally without such a big part of my lung but was surprised to find I could do just that once effects of operation had worn off. (After the op, they get you coughing asap to clear and expand the lungs - and within 4 days, I was able to get out of bed and walk around a little). Like you, before diagnosis I was using my treadmill and doing strength exercising several times a week - although I had noticed a change in my breathing. Now, even though I've been diagnosed with moderate copd and have asthma on top of the lc, I still manage to go on the treadmill and am able to continue with the strength exercising. One thing I was amazed about is that after the op, the remaining lobe expands to fill the cavity of the lobe that was removed - isn't the body a never-ending wonder! :) x

PS I wish you the best possible outcome for whatever lays in front of you :) x

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I'm 4 weeks down the line from a right lower lobe lobectomy and just walked about 2 miles this morning (admittedly downhill!). I think a lot depends on how you are physically to start with so if you're fit and well more likely to recover better. Having said that there was a man on the ward after my op who was a good 30 years older than me who was out 2 days before me and powering round the ward like mo farah!

Best of luck with everything x

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My had the bottom lobe removed last June his 72 after a couple off months he was back doing gardning walking the dog and like the other person what's left grows and fills the gap he he is in hospital having had middle section removed 6 days in he is walking round a bit so hopefully the top section will grow and fill the gaphone a bit hope it goes well for you


Welcome to the Roy Castle community.You will find a lot of information here both from the website and as you can see very informative first hand experience from Jaynair and Jackie 46.

Before your op it is important to speak to the surgeon or lung cancer specialist nurse involved in your care and ask them any specific questions you may have regarding your management so far. This also gives you an opportunity to discuss the benefits and risks of the proposed surgery.

All patients are individuals and for a variety of reasons (e.g. age and general health pre op) may respond to surgery differently.It's really good to hear that your breathing is good at the moment and the physiotherapist and nurses will advise you about breathing exercises before and after the surgery.Nowadays most patients are up out of bed as soon as they are able after surgery and there is usually a good multidisciplinary team involved in your care.

Roy Castle have very good information booklets about investigations, surgery for lung cancer,current treatments and managing symptoms, if you would like any of these I would be happy to send them out to you.You can email with your home address.Alternatively feel free to contact us at the Nurse-Led Helpline 0800 358 7200 and I can take your details over the phone and post the booklets out to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help.All of the staff here at Roy Castle send you our very best wishes.


Hi eveyone just a quick update spoke to specilaist Respitory nurse and thoratic surgery specialist nurse about pft and vats etc as coudnt get in touch with surgeon.

They said

Biopsy from ebus coudnt get proper biopsy from ebus of lung and lymphs?

So frozen section of lung and lymphs biopsy then lobeoctomy from thracotomy

Also pft from

Match this uear and spiro should be fine for surgery.

Said it needs to come out asap whatever it is.

Is this normal inconclusive but lobectomy still?

Again you've all been an amazing help


Hi everyone hope your well. And Thank you again to all. I

Managed to get my FEV results I don't know whats important if anyone can make sense of them but after reading on the internet ot seems people with ashtma and or copd are a lot more at risk during and after surgery. The fact im asking questions to the specialist throatic surgeon of two inconclusive biopsy results normal and ebus , no vats available and just a pft and spiro sent to the from march and no excercise test is worrying. My mind is still yes no on the procedure. I know everything is a risk just reading about ashtma and cold mortality isnt reassuring

Thanks again all and have a great weekend.


Hello Warnock, it is understandable to be anxious before surgery of any kind, the anesthetist will be aware of your asthma and will take this into consideration before the procedure. Modern general anesthetics are considered very safe, although there will always be some risks, with careful pre op evaluation and planning even patients with significant health issues can be safely anesthetized. Normally before surgery you will have a pre op appointment where your health and fitness for anesthetic will be assessed and if you have concerns or worries this gives you the opportunity to discuss them with the staff involved in your care. There is an abundance of information available on the internet some of which can be frightening and not always up to date, the best people to discuss any worries you have are the medical team whose care you are under.

Kind regards Roy Castle Helpline


Thanks to everyone whos responded it really helped and beought a happy tear to my eye and grateful that the people and this site exist 😊. Gotta see anethatist and consultant before op next wednesday as reflux even on meds is that bad that if i lie down(tried today dirst time in years on side the position im having op) and my rubbish les valve opens up and out comes the acid regardless of food. Then the throat bleed from inflamation wheeziness ventolin and cough begin lol 🙄

Again thanks to all thankyou so much i hope you all have a great day


Hi everyone hope your all well today. Well the ops here on wednesday getting chest tightness in morning and tenderness when i wake up,like a weight on chest when i wake up guess its anxiety lol. Just worried cause grandparents had angina but told them this at pre op of but if i had it guess i couldnt do two miles on treadmill and five on bike few days ago lol. Again thanks for all your help. Im scared but going for it. Thanks again take care all.


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