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Who is best to talk to?

Hi Everyone,

Reading these posts are heart breaking but warming as well to understand that we're not going to be alone. My mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is awaiting the results of the pet scan. 

Shes so brave, but very fragile as the oncologist has given her very little hope.  My mum is a very warm person and usually the one people turn to for advice but this time she needs a friend she can trust, who will listen to her and say the right things to help her with the anguish and provide good advice.

Could you let me know which group or contact is best for her to talk to as she really needs this informed support.  The family is great, but its the blind leading the blind.

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Hi, I've not been on this forum for a while but felt compelled to write to your post.

My mum was 49 and unfortunately wasn't one of the lucky ones but she left a legacy in me and my little sister and I can only hope out experience may be able to help others.

We all found it extremely helpful family/ carers included as well as my mum going to lung cancer support groups. It's an opportunity for your mum to listen to others and join in if she chooses but the main thing is support as it can be lonely. 

My mum met some amazing inspiring people there who were still in touch with. It's a group of fighters/ warriors both in terms of family support and individuals as a lot of people that survive go along and share and it provides a lot of hope. 

It's one thing having knowledge such as, doctors, onc's, etc but those that also have the experience are the best support you can get as they know or, understand better than anyone.

Remember you and your mum are not alone.

Unsure of where you live but if you google or, ask for lung cancer support groups you should hopefully find a few to choose from.

I hope that helps. Sending love and light to you and your mum.




I lost my mum 2.5yrs ago to lung cancer. She was a very stubborn lady who fought hard for 18 months to stay with us even though we knew from the start she was palliative.

Our local McMillan nurse was fantastic. They where there for us as well as mum. The local cancer care support groups where brilliant too.

Ask the hospital for information.

My one advise to you and your family is "just be there for each other". Times will get harder and things are often said and done out of anger and fear. My brother wouldn't have anything said in front of him because as far as he was concerned mum was going to live forever, she does but sadly it is now in our hearts and memories.

God bless

Deb x


My dad is 76 and has lung cancer, no cure but after having his first course of chemo he is feeling lots better. Most of the hospitals have cancer support groups so definately worth asking at your local hospital. We found the DVD from the Roy Castle lung foundation really helpful as well, so if you havent seen it its definately worth watching. Best of luck for your mum.

lots of love



Hello landudi,

 sorry to hear about your mums diagnosis, there is lots of information available on this forum and the other members can be a great support sharing their experiences of treatments. You should have a lung cancer specialist nurse who will be able to advise you on local support groups or if you give us a call on the freephone number we put you in touch with any local groups. We have information booklets and a dvd which may be of interest to you, if you want to speak to someone our helpline number is 0333 323 7200 ext 2


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