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Breathing pains

So a couple of weeks ago I was experiencing theses pains in my throat and the middle of my chest, I was taken to hospital for the he second time and more more tests thankfully it wasn't anything to do with any cancer so I was relieved as u can imagine, but needed oxygen and 20mls morphine just to cope and it turned out to me pneumonia which took a week in hospital to get over, my oncologist is taking me off all chemo until I completely recover, I am starting to feel normal again and will restart my cannabis oil as I feel that it was helping with the pain on my right side that I haven't been able to sleep on for a yr and thanks to that I was able to until I got this poxy illness, peace love and happiness to everyone x

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Glad to hear you're ok and recovering from pneumonia. All the best Kx


Hello Littlieannies

Sorry to hear that you had pneumonia, good news now that you are improving, it is very easy when you experience symptoms that you immediately jump to the wrong conclusion and think the worst. Hoping that you continue to improve and start back on the Tarceva soon.

Best wishes


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