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Breathing pain

hi everyone over the weekend I experienced pain in my neck throat, diaphragm and the top of my chest. When I took a deep breath it would really hurt and hurt when I laid down or got up from a chair. I was taken to hospital had all the nesserary tests but they couldn't find anything wrong with me, I am taking a Chemo tablet called tarveca, just wondered if any one else had experienced this.


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Hello Littleannies , you have done the right thing by going to the hospital and getting your symptoms checked out, Tarveca can cause some breathing problems and mouth ulcers if you feel you are not improving get in touch with your Lung Cancer Nurse specialist who will discuss this further with you.

When taking Tarveca you may be at more risk of infection it might be an idea to keep a symptom diary if you notice any signs of infection such as a high temperature, , a sore throat or persistent cough etc

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Hi just seen your reply I was diagnosed with pneumonia and stayed in hospital for a week and have been taken off the TARCEVA


Hi Ann,

How are you doing now? Hope the breathing is a bit easier. This time of year doesn't help. Extremes of temperatures (like the cold spell) exacerbate any breathing problems. Have you got oxygen at home (hospital organise it if you need it)? Hope there are people supporting you. Sorry I don't know anything about Tarceva but hope you have got some answers.All the best, Kx


Hi just seen your reply I was diagnosed Pneumonia and spent a week in hospital my oncologist have a amen me off TARCEVA


Did they do a chest CT scan?. My husband didn't have pain in his throat but had the other symptoms you mentioned and it was a blood clot. The chest X-ray showed nothing but the CT showed blood clot in lung.


Yes that was one of the first things they done was a ct scan and X-ray thinking it was a blood clot but it was all clear


Glad to hear it. Today my husband is having sharp pain below rt rib cage. Oncologist said it could be related to VATS procedure he had last month on that side or tumors growing in lung and pinching a nerve.


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