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Latest X ray results

Well was good news yesterday got the all clear great news little bit concerned saw my original consultant from April 2014 wick was when I was first diagnosed he pointed out that I had had 4 c/t scans in total far to many in his opinion 1 ct scan is the equivalent to 200 X rays far to much radiation well sorry to say when I receive the appointments I trust the professionals now to be told I should never have had that amount makeso me a little wary rant over xx

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Sometimes the benefits far outweigh the risks..Sometimes these scans save lives too.. just my opinion, but congrats on the news.


I have a scan every 3 months. Its the only way we know whats happening with the cancer.I am incurable anyway, so I don't think it matters so much. You can always refuse scans.

Best wishes



Just looked at your profile and you had surgery originally. Most surgeons are anti oncology......only surgery can really cure, but there again, you would think the sugeon would want to know how things were going.


Ct scans are considered routine follow up investigations at least after surgery in most parts of the world like the united states and most european countries . I looked into it and negotiated it as my follow up .




There are many alternative therapies and diets which can be useful in treating and managing symptoms and the side effects of treatment in lung cancer. Before drastically changing your diet taking or using alternative therapies you should discuss this with your medical team.

Below is an interesting link form cancer research discussing the benefits and myths of diet in cancer


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Hi Hoggy here. I am currently receiving a CT and MRI every 3 months for a year for starters. This is only because I am being monitored for my lungs and my brain which are touch wood remaining clear. It is a lot of radiation but it reassures me when I see the scans and how well I am doing.


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