Hilde Skett

I am new to this site, was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer last November, operated on Christmas Eve. Fortunately my surgeon was able to remove all the tumor which had attached itself on parts of all three lobes, he left me with 40% of my right lung. I came home with a "flutter valve" which was quite uncomfortable and unfortunately caught an infection. I had it removed about 2 weeks after I came home, that was horrendous. Then I started my chemo I had 4 sessions of chemo which left me quite jaded, had my last on May 1st 2015. I then had to have my appendicts out because they saw a dark mass which shouldn't be there. I was lucky again, it wasn't a tumor just a lot of scar tissue and very swollen and inflamed, so it was just an appendectomy, I recovered quite well from that after another infection in the wound.

Now I am getting back to "normal" I tire quickly and get breathless, it's difficult accepting my energy levels are so low. I can't do the things I used to, gardening, dancing, long walks. When I read some of the things others do I admire their courage and stamina and it has spurred me on, when the weather improves I will try walking a little further, light gardening and see how I get on.

Thank you all for your posts, very interesting, and the humour.



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9 Replies

  • Hi Hilda ,Just to say we are all different and perhaps you have taken longer to recover because things were more complex for you ,two lots of surgery for one thing .I think I have been just annoyed that I got ill in the first place and anger has spurred me on .I am sure things will gradually improve for you ,just start walking more to start with, that will make you stronger . Our bodies are slightly different now, see it as a period of readjustment and recovery by the spring you may feel different. This stuff takes time and there are so many variables age type of surgery chemo ect.Be inspired not defeated 😉

  • Thanks for that, yes I will get stronger and I am positive in my thinking.

    I am going away for a weekend with girl friends, so who knows I may get on the dance floor.

    Hilde 72

  • Hilde, hang in there. My husband's energy level is so low and he too was used to be very active. His neuropathy makes it hard for him to walk and the fatigue is pretty intense now. To better days. Dorcas

  • Thanks Dorcassan

    With Christmas just around the corner, I will make an extra effort, did a bit of shopping today.

    Hope things improve for your husband, lucky he has you to look after him


  • Hilde, isn't it the truth that what you want changes for Christmas now. My husband has a CT scan on Dec. 23rd and all I want is no change and because I have been really good this year (Santa) an improvement would be in order. My Christmas shopping has been on line or hand made. I made a picture of myself and husband and put in really small cheap frames and glued the packages. Bows are too much this year. Take care, Dorcas

  • Best of luck for the CTSCAN on 23 December,


  • Hi Hilde,

    Your body has been through a lot in the last year.I would think that your stamina/breathlessness could still have improvement to come in the future . I bought a second hand exercise bike for use in the bad weather,I have found it useful maybe because my weight is supported when I use it.I still struggle with stairs and hills.I was operated on in 2013 (Right Pneumenectomy) with later problems with an ulcer and a blood clot. I feel stronger in 2015 than I did in 2014.Best wishes.


  • Thanks Stewart, your information is very helpful, I don't do many stairs now, hoping to move into my little bungalow before Christmas. I am hoping to try Yoga in the New Year but will talk it through with the I structure before I start. No one really tells you what you can do, they just say listen to your body. You must have found breathing difficult to begin with only having one lung, but there you still got an exercise bike, well done. Hope 2016 is a better year for all of us. Best wishes


  • Hi Hilde

    I too bought an exercise bike but unlike Stewart58 mine was of the sitting down variety! I sit on a chair in the morning before I have my breakfast at 10.30 and I only do 2 minutes to start with. But now I have got to 5 mins after 3 months but I don't use it every day. As you can tell I was not a fit person to begin with but now I have put a pedometer on my new phone and that helps me walk further and I can see how many steps I've had, the distance and also the calories that day, week, or month - but it does not add up the cakes which I have with my sweet tooth. I didn't use to reach the end of the road but now I amaze myself how far I can go. My lobe was not removed as much as you had, but I am in my late 50's and feel better now than I worked sitting in an office all day. Taking vitamins help too.

    Best of luck, you will get there.



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