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Follow up

Hi ,its 3months since last chemo ,going for a check up today ,chest xray first then wait and see ,I will have a scan on my 12month anniversary for psychological reasons ,if you ever .But as long as I get one I don't care .I do feel slightly nervous I have some of my pre op and pre chemo symptoms back ,not sure if it is cancer .They were joint pains not breathlessness or coughing up blood nothing obvious. I hope that the joint pain is just arthritis and nothing more sinister .Fingers crossed I expect everyone feels like this .

The chemo induced hot flushes from a renewed menopause are driving me nuts ,I stopped counting when I got to 15 the other day .I counted them because I seemed to be getting so many and was curious ,anyone got any ideas to when these stop they are so distracting and insomniac making .Any tips gratefully received .

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Hi Diane,

I hope your joint pain is nothing sinister,it is very common to be wary of the results when having a scan .Everyone I know gets a bit anxious before a x-ray or scan.Did you get your results today?Best wishes



Hi Stewart ,so far so good xray is clear ,no concerns and my consultant is going to book me a scan in January ,it is not what they normally do down here but she is organising me one and for that I am pleased .I know it will be nerve racking but better to know early if things aren't quite right .Thanks for your kind words .Kind regards Diane .

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My consultant adviced me to take evening primrose oil for hot flushes. Glad that your X-ray is clear

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