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We are looking to host regional events around the UK offering information and support to those affected by lung cancer. Each event will include a variety of speakers and workshops to help provide the latest on lung cancer.

The first one we are looking at is to be in Glasgow. Would that be something that would be of interest to you and would you travel to it?

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  • Too far for us to travel (we're in Cardiff). But would be interested in something closer.

  • We are looking to run one in Wales as well. Weare hoping to have the events in all areas of the UK so as to get as many people involved as possible, and to make travelling to them easier for people such as yourself.

  • I do live locally and would be pleased to support anything on offer.

  • I would be interested when you go to Leeds. However I am having chemotherapy and travelling is too awkward.

  • Leeds is the an area we will be having an event. We will collect all the information from events and allow public access to the feedback, so you can know what happened at the event, but also to allow anyone like yourself who is unable to attend to give their input as well.

  • Always willing to help!

  • This is something that I would definitely be interested in, and I'd be prepared to travel too - within reason. Being in Poole Glasgow is too far, I could prob travel the south coast (west and east) up to London /Watford.

  • Hi

    Yes, we would be interested. Like Kates_cat we are in Wales so would wait for the one here and happy to help in any way we can.


  • Gwen and I are attending.

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