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shadow on the lung

hi, really looking for reassurance, it started with a pain round my left lung/rib area into my back up my shoulder and down my arm, i knew i hadn't hurt myself, then i was getting short of breath. My head started to feel strange like sharp pains now and again and feeling heavy and wierd and my eyesight was going funny. I headed upto the hospital were they done chest Xrays, The Dr said my ribs seemed inflamed (Costochondritis) but was nothing to worry about and sent me home. I then got a letter from my GP to go and see her about the chest Xray results. When the raidiographer looked at my Xray he seen a shadow and advised antibiotics which i have been on for 4days and feel no better. I have recieved my app for another chest Xray next week and am really anxious and worried that this is worse than Costochondritis :'(... would they know if it was lung cancer from the Xray? im at my wits end with worry

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don;t jump to any conclusions yet ask for a ct or pet scan that will show a lot more than a x ray will,and get it quickly cause the mind games are the worst,its the what if ????????? with no answer so get it done and get the news either way better to know than think about it every minute of the day.

good luck

live long and enjoy



thank you Frank


X Ray showed nothing on lung. Doctor seemed at a loss & said she couldn't hear anything on my lung. I had minimal symptoms, just a little cough that I had had for some time. I asked if cancer would show up in an x-Ray. She asked me if that was what I thought I had!! I replied that 'Not necessarily, but if I was sitting where you are that's what I would be looking for next' That got me a scan with 6 to 8 was wait, which revealed a pretty advanced lung cancer to every bodies surprise. You need a scan for your own piece of mind. Would re-iterate previous comments, don't panic, but you don't need fobbing off at this stage. Apparently my heart was obscuring the lung on the x-Ray which was why nothing showed up. You need a scan. GP's seem pretty reluctant, insist, worry us worst thing & you need clarification.

Hope will be good news.





Thank you Laura, im on day 5 of antibiotics but now have the flu and feel dreadful. I go on 29th Sep for my 2nd X-ray but if i dont feel any better by the end of these antibiotics on Monday i will be bk up to the hospital for to get an X-ray sooner xx


Good luck. I hate when doctor's ask patients medical questions like what drug do you want to take. Umm I did not go to medical school so you pick. I started asking doctors what drug they would prescribe for their wife. That usually provides some assurance. Of course that is if they like their wife. Dorcas.

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well folks got my 2nd X-ray on the 28th Sep and am now waiting on the results x



If I were you I would take Frank and Laura's advice and ask your GP for a CT scan as this gives a far clearer picture of what's happening in your lungs and abdomen area. The NHS is pushing for early diagnosis or ruling out of cancer in patients so your medical ream should be ensuring that this happens. My first cancer diagnosis in 2011 was only confirmed after several tests but was not picked up by X-ray. It's unlikely that you have cancer but please make that it's clearly ruled out.

Good Luck Rab.

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thank u for ur reply Rab, i know things still arent right after finishing my antibiotics but if somthing still shows up on this 2nd X-ray i will deffo pushing for answers x


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