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Slight improvement???

Well went for my 10th radiotherapy today (halfway through my treatment regime). We're going to do your half way check scan Maggie says the lovely young chap. So I'm lying there and the machine moves... moves again and then stops. I'm lying there for about 15 - 20 minutes and I'm thinking this blinking machine has broken down again....

The nice young chap comes back in to say were not going to give you treatment today Maggie. The scan shows that you're left lung has completely re-inflated and the treatment plan we have would not hit the cancer. Were trying to get your Consultant and arrange a new planning scan for you!!!!!!

Well they did get my Consultant and she is saying that because they planned my treatment around my pathetically collapsed left lung (due to the tumour) now it has re-inflated the angle of the treatment is completely off and we need to review that plan. They redid my planning scan and hope that on Monday or Tuesday they will re-start the radio at the new configuration.

I am over the moon we are giving this wee bitch of a tumour a real battering . Consultant says "now its early days" but this looks quite positive lol

What ever the outcome you can't scrape me of the ceiling early days as it is this has made my weekend.

Hope everyone is keeping as well as can be and taking care

Maggie xxxx

p.s hope I didn't offend anyone with the "bitch" comment!

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Hi Maggie,

That is good news, it must have been been such a relief to hear how well it is going,enjoy the weekend and best wishes for next week.


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Thank you so much. Yes it was a relief to know that things are starting to work. Kindest regards




hope you had a great weekend and your treatment has been smooth this week. Sounds like positive news that your lung has re-inflated - hopefully making breathing a bit easier.

Let us know how things go for you,

best wishes


@Roy Castle

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Thanks Lorraine

I had a great weekend. My new treatment plan was started on Tuesday and I continue to feel positive. (They have added 2 extra days for radiotherapy on at the end to make up for the 2 I missed).

I will let you know how things good.

Kind Regards



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