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Hello everyone, just Jules here

I was wondering how 'Jaynair' got along yesterday - i think she was going to get some results through on that date. - does anyone know ?

I am not bright enough with IT to be able to do this another way - so if anyone is/has been speaking to her, please would you tell her i was asking after her ? ((fingers crossed for good results).

Kind regards



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  • Thank you so much for remembering Jules :). I hope your Mum is doing okay? My scan result was 'good' and the radiotherapy seems to have worked so something to celebrate :). The scan showed a thickening in one of the tubes going into my lung but the consultant advised this could be a side effect of the radiotherapy so they're keeping an eye on it. I'll be having 3 monthly scans for the next year then hopefully reducing to 6 monthly in the second year. Here's hoping :). xx

  • Yeah ! Fantastic news!

    Mums next appointment, we have just found out is being held at The Bobby Robson Cancer Trials department of the Freeman Hospital. That then looks like she IS going to be accepted onto the trial - cant think why we would meet there otherwise - but touching wood and not getting too hopeful in front of mum yet.

    Weather here in Newcastle upon Tyne is lovely - not warm enough for t shirts, but maybe with a cardigan.

    Got a heat lamp for the garden arrived this morning, so hoping mum will spend more time in the garden with this - the temperature difference from Gambia must be difficult.

    Hope you have sun in your part of the world, and once again ......YEAH !

  • Keeping fingers crossed for your Mum - hope all goes well with the appt. What a lovely idea, the heat lamp in the garden :) Hope your Mum does get to enjoy being outside :) Do let us know how the appt goes, take care x

  • Will do



  • That's really good news Jaynair,

    All the best from the Helpline team at Roy Castle.

  • Glad to hear the news Jaynair. Jules hope things go well with your mum,

    lorraine @Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

  • Hi Lorraine, Jules here.

    Thank you so much for remembering.

    Mums appointment is today - its to tell us (i think) if the treatment is the right one fo mums type of cancer and if we can then proceed.

    Mum and the family _ i am trying to keep things calm and mellow - so difficult, the things that are being said are so difficult to digest.

    Will let you know.



  • thoughts are with you xx any news

  • Hi there

    Thank you so much for remembering.

    Yes, the trial has eventually opened and mum, at this stage has been accepted!

    Sounds like a very long road to go thou - got a date of 16th May as the 'Base-Line' which is where they measure everything to see if the treatment in the future improved things, or not. Its just days after this treatment starts - as long as a biopsy which is being by fed ex to america as we speak, comes back as accepted by the drugs company (I think).

    So much information in my/our heads right now - but mum is so much happier!

    Its humbling putting good news on this site when i know so much sadness is happening, my thoughts are with them too.

    Will keep you informed of the biopsy

    Hope your day is going OK - i dont seem to be able to get started today, weather here is grey, but not cold.

    Kindest regards



  • That's great news about the trial. Its good to hear good news, I for one found it very comforting to hear as much good news etc when I was first diagnosed and going through treatment. I think it gives hope xx keep us posted on your mum's news xx

  • thank you Sarah - will do

    take care of yourself there



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