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Saw my oncologist yesterday.

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Saw my oncologist yesterday, and was told my blood works are still very good. My next scan is on 18th march and I get the results on the 22nd. So not so long to wait on this one. My first one was done in November but I had to wait until 17th December, but it had been Great news as my tumours had shrunk, the largest one by 3cm. I feel Great! I look Great! You would never guess I have this awful illness. So please everyone who has just found out they have this disease please stay strong and be POSITIVE! Good luck to everyone. Georgie x

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Hi Georgie

Great news - keep it up. And great advice too - stay positive. :)

Bill x

Hi Georgie, Great news!


One word


And what a wonderful word it is



Hi Georgie,

Nothing like a "good news"results story to cheer us up,well done you,I am just home from hospital after my six monthly check up,happy to report I am in the "all clear" zone again.You are absolutely right,I do think keeping a positive attitude can make such a difference to your quality of life.Best wishes for March.

Bet you've got a big grin on you face Eric?

Good news! Bill

Thank you so very much everyone! Xx

good news

jayne xxx

Hi Eric, such good news for you as well. And Good Luck for you too! X

What fantastic news. A positive outlook on things is the best way forward.

Take care. Deb x

It's lovely to hear such brilliant news Georgie. You must be over the moon. Long may it continue.

Love and hugs.

Sandra x

Great news Georgie, Isn't Iressa wonderful? I get my CT results today (my scan was Saturday) and although I had a new tumour on the last scan 3 months ago at the mo I am hardly coughing anymore and I still feel good. I have continued to take Iressa in the meantime so I have now been on it for 22 months. It will still be working at around 80% so I'm hoping the new tumour isn't much bigger and if that's the case I will stay as I am a bit longer. Either way, this is 22 months of a pretty much normal life with minimal side effects which is fantastic. Research is showing that a course of IV chemo will 'reset' things and then I will go back on another tablet like Iressa. I feel there has been real progress in fighting this disease in the recent years and they really are on the verge of treating it as a chronic illness rather than the 'death' sentence it once was. I am TV tomorrow talking about this :)) (BBC MIdlands today).

Here's wishing you many years of successful treatment.

Lyn x

Hi Lyn,

You truly are an ambassador for the fight against Lung cancer.

Good luck with the broadcast tomorrow, and I hope your words will be heard by many.

Best Wishes,


Hi Georgie, always great to hear good news. I have a CT scan with contrast on Wed 13th Feb and I am sure I will have good news in March. Good Luck for your next scan and keep up the positive vibes..

Hi Lyn,

Thank you for you message, you have been an inspiration to me from the very start on here. So I wish you all the best for your further treatment. Also lots luck for your broadcast tomorrow, hope there will be many people here and see you.

I also want to wish you many years of successful treatment. Xx

Always good for ALL of us to hear heartening stories like this. Keep positive and live life to the full. Wonderful news!

Thank you, greekanne789. I think it helps everyone to hear positive news, especially if your at a low ebb. X

Positive news perks me up everytime, and always seems to come when I need it most x

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