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tarceva break for rash to go

well after 7 days off he tarceva pills my rash is really going away still a lot of pink spots but no new ones and not red and angrey anymore thats te good now unfortunately my cough is back and with it fliud in the lung again Dr says got plural infusioun and mite need to go the the er to get it taped again ,now hating hospitals i'm not keen to go so back on the pills , trying a different time to take the pill was taking after dinner around 2 to 21/2 hours after dinner ,so now i'm taking it around 8-30 to 9am in the morning maybe being up and active mite help with the side effect of this drug.

will still do as the onc told me 5 days on and 2 off so monday to friday and weekend off i'll see how this goes ,i have 19 weeks before seeing my onc again and all the tests ct pet etc etc test that goes with it till then i'll keep you all updated .

the last weeki learnt something interesting i have to rule this cancer not it rule me not so easy to do as it does ingulf your life but writing here helps clear the head .

i'm now looking forward to a holiday at the end of this month or september early,going up to queensland thats a21/2 fight for me ,surfures paridis is the place i'm looking to stay at ,for you guys and gals thats like going to spain for you nice and warm graet beaches .

so live long and enjoy


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Hi Frank,

Glad to read that your skin is improving ,these rashes and spots must have been so irritating.Enjoy your holiday.Do you surf?



i wish i could surf but got no balance , never did but i still like to swim and thiers nothing like a good sleep in the sand under the beach tent thingy

thanks stewart


Hi Frank

I'm liking that you now know you have to rule cancer and not let it rule you! Hope you enjoy your trip.



this will sound stupid but i dreamed it first then realized yep this is the way to go take control and plan a life have a trip do stuff live life and enjoy ,now i'm doing it and i'm realy putting my mind it , the body will follow

thanks netty


Good to here the tarceva is settling down now, when i took it after i was was first diagnosed I had a bad time full on red face and all the side affects, so your quite lucky in that respect, hope yu hv a great time away enjoy.



finding out a lot these days ,changed the time i take the tarceva pill ,now its 7 am ,i get up at 5am eat breakie at 5 30 and leave for work at 6am get their at 6.30 and start working so just as my crew get settled in thier jobs whitch is around 7 give or take 15 minutes i go take my pill and then carry on working so i don;t think about it ,then around 9.30 i can have a drink and eat something and so far no signs of any side effects just 2 day in but its looking good so far and the old rash is still healing up so very promosing so far and the lung fliud is starting to go so a win win .thanks jean

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