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tarceva rash

well im have a real bad time with this rash ,face hair torso arms (the worst ) and down the legs inside and out .

nothing seems to work so it the old school way i bought a pimple popping tool on e bay and my son sytematicly pops them then i wash with detol and then benadine (or mircuachrome/ red stuff) all over the areas it hearts to pop 200 plus pimples but pursistants is working their are less now with heads and the 3 or 4 day old ones are clearing up, seems to work quicker on the single heads on my leg they don't come back , still affecting my life hard thow, find it hard to lay in bed caus my face is sore from the bread coming threw the crust on my checks,had to have a few days off work to get on top of it thank god i got a good support .

so they tell me if the rash is real bad the drug is working real good i hope this is the case ,i still have a month to go to see my onc doc.

stay well live life bye for now


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Dear frank I was in a dreadful state with the rash. My skin split and bled. I smeared myself in Vaseline and this helped enormously. Good luck and my sympathy


Hi I have been on Tarceva for almost 2 years now and the first 6 weeks the rash is the worst. I did get all the pustules which would pop and be gone, not like normal spots. Now I always have a few spots somewhere but only red blotches really. I had my dose reduced from 150 to 100mg after a few months and have stayed on that since.

Best wishes

Julie x


Hi Frank

Sounds like you are having a lot of physical effects with the tarceva. You might want to have a look at the Related Posts section on the top right of the screen, there is one on "coping with the side effects of tarceva". If you can't see it there type it into the Search button, very top right. It has lots of hints and tips that forum members have shared.

If your rash doesn't stabilise it is also worth a call to your Lung Cancer Nurse who may be able to prescribe some treatment to reduce the side effect.

Have you been tested for the EGRF+ mutation? Good luck with the oncologist appointment, but if you are worried or feeling unwell do let your medical team know and they may be able to arrange an earlier appointment.

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team @Roy Castle


thanks lorraine ,

unfortunately down under we don;t have lung cancer nurses ,just a gp doc who is reading a much as possible to catch up with the tarceva side effects,i stayed with the popping and detol straight after popping ,is a painfull way but persistence is now paying off ,i only have 20 or so pussy spots the rest is very dry but its not icthy,seem if i put anything on it it just gets worse so i'm leaving them alone,just pop dab detol and after all is done benadine liberally dabed on , my arms are still the worst place very tender a mixture of red pink and peeling skin but its getting better slowly day by day,

yes i was tested for the mutation ,i was booked in for radation mapping and the reilf doc (remeber john howard au pm an asian version and just looked like him he did all the tests seem for a 58 year old man ,my cancer says im middle aged asain female, i laught at this, then he explained my cancer is mainly found in this group as i am supervisor in a plastics factory i just looked around and behold most of my people are middle aged fremale asain , and this group is must likly to get this type cancer (enviromental factors)don;t smoke haven't for 20 plus years so my work made me sick wish they could pin point it to a spercific item but alas this is not going to happen as the are not sure of why (big question ) and i hate a what if question so we have good days and some not so good but i'm still standing ,sounds like a song i now.

live life and enjoy

thanks for reading my rantings good to unload it .



hi again just to update you all , the rash is getting better every day now only a few pimples mostly light pink spots all over and the scabs in the hair ,where ever there is hair , i did buy the udderly smooth cream as one suggested on tis forum and it works a treat on the rash and the scabbed areas after two uses ,and it does go a long way caus my lovly wife creams me from top to bottom ,and i still have at least 6 days of this in the jar so great value too so starting to win with this horrible rash .

live life and enjoy



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