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that rash wow

well after 3 weeks of fighting this darn rash the old school way is working ,not a pain free why but quick results .

ebay for a pimple popping tool and benadine and detol pop dab with detol (scream ) then apply the benadine ,my son sat down and popped well over 500 pimples on my arms face man boobs bell and legs lots of bleeding and very painful but the next day only half then the next day only 100 aprox after 5 days we only find 5 or 6 small ones ,my arms are still pinkish and very dry but not sore and not itchy bell and torso is cleaning up well to, just the face and head, mostly scabs now but still itchy,still using exsma wash and shampoo probably will till its all back to normal skin colour , so a win even throw it was a very painful way it worked ,so i;ll take that now moisturisers are a problem aveeno cream takes to long to dry and not very comfortable to have on in the mornings specailly when it 4 degrees c, this winter and its a cold one this year,ordered some udderly smooth cream on e=bay $20 for 8oz jar should be here soon so i;ll try it ,had some good reports from this sit on this cream so im hopeful it will do the job.

now has anyone else got the metal taste in their mouth i get it a lot and if i eat when i have it its goes straight threw me ,brushing teeth and gargling doesn;t work mints or throat lozengers work while im sucking on them then its back with in minutes and then it goes all by it self after 4or 5 hours this is a new one just doesn;t seem to have a reason why it starts or goes so asking the question has anyone got the same problem ,so live life and enjoy write you all soon.


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sorry for the bad spelling my mind and my typing fingers (2) some time just don;t work together ,i work in a factory my computers are machine controllers not keyboards for typing ha ha


Hi Frank, I've had the metallic taste during both my chemo treatments. We ended up using non metal utensils for all cooking, using wooden spatulas or spoons and I even used plastic cutlery to eat with. It helped a bit and I used to eat spicy foods to help kill the taste.

Good luck Rab.


hi rabbie thanks i;ll try the non matalic cooking tools , i wish i could eat spicy foods but the tarceva drug has a real big side effect on the gut and bowl anything slightly spicy and im off and running to the loo mite try chewing gum or mints, thanks has given me some thoughts


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