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The Results are In

Just saw my Oncologist and after a two week wait has confirmed that I have Lung Cancer localised in the left lung. My Tamoxifen, which I was on for Breast Cancer, has kept secondary Cancer at bay for four years but my body is too used to it now that wee tumour has started to grow. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has replied to my post over the last two weeks and I will pop in from time to time to see how you are all doing. Love to you all xxxx

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Elaine, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Is it a spread from your breast cancer and what treatment will you have?

Good Luck with everything.

Rab x


Thanks Rab. Oncologist could not give me a definitive yes or no on this one so my CNS is going to speak to him tonight at the MDT to get his thoughts. At the moment they are not going down the chemotherapy route until they try a new drug regime but if that proves to be a big fat fail then chemotherapy here I come. To be honest now I have a diagnosis I can deal with the treatment. Will update once I know more.

Hope you are doing well xxx


Hi Lainey,

I am sorry that this is the diagnosis, I was keeping my fingers crossed it wouldn't be. Once they have a course of action sorted for you you will feel more confident and I am sure you will cope well with the Rx.

It must be a shock even if you suspected so I'm sending strengthening thoughts to you. Keep positive.

Tilstongal xxx


Thanks, a bit of a shock especially as we think it is secondary to the Breast cancer. I am a born fighter so will, with the help of this site and people like you, battle to the very end. The tumour is just a sitting tenant at the moment who will be evicted soon and with your strengthening thoughts it will help.

Love and hugs xxxx



Hope the MDT can work out the best treatment route for you. Your positive mind set will be a good resource for you,

best wishes and let us know how things go,


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Thanks Lorraine, will keep you updated xxx


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