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"Ask the expert" feature in "Inspire" magazine

Do you have a question you would like to put to a lung cancer expert?

We are now looking for suggestions for questions that lung cancer nurse specialist Simon Bolton can answer in future editions of "Inspire", our exciting magazine that features news, personal stories and advice for people living with lung cancer, and their families.

Please post your questions here, or email me at

Thank you very much


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Hi Simon, I am 59 years old ,have been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma ,lytic lesion mets to t12 , l3 vertebrae and I have been taking Iressa since november 2015.I was on pain relief for mets until I started taking Iressa when I slowly stopped taking pain relief until April when the pain started to come back in my spine while sleeping at night. I am taking codine but wake about twice a night and take about an hour to go back to sleep because of pain.Does this pain have any correlation to the possibility that the Iressa has stopped working on the cancer cells in the vertebrae.My last scan was 18 March 2016 when tumor in lung shrunk 11mm to 10mm ,previously was 15mm. They did not comment on spine.I am also concerned about my risk of fracture but can't get a satisfactory answer as to how to measure that risk.Doctor does not seem concerned and says I can not live in a bubble.I am not taking zoldronic acid to strengthen bones because of a adverse reaction to it.(I have not had radiation to spine yet as I understand you can only have it once and pondering when that should be)

Thank you ,



Can I ask why they don't prescribe essential oils as a natural alternative as they are free of chemicals.

Thanks Jean


Hi Simon, I have two questions:

1) Why are you not automatically scanned for a brain scan having had lung cancer as the norm?

2) Have you had any reports/information on the Cannabis oil (widely advertised), helping?

Thank you



I,too would like to know the same questions as hedgehoggy

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Hello. Thanks for this. I have passed the questions on to the editor along with several other that have come in to us.



Thank you for replying. I can take your questions to our Inspire editor for possible inclusion in future editions.

We are always looking for questions like these about aspects of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, so please keep them coming!

Thanks again.



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