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Update on radical radiotherapy

Hi all Mike started his chemo / radio last week had chemo every day for 5 days now one chemo tablet a week for the next two weeks and 20 radiotherapy sessions in total. I said to him only this morning the colour has come back in your face ( looked quite grey before) and his voice is nearly back (almost gone before) I said it must be working . Radio doctor said today he was really happy the tumour has shrunk by a third already yaay. He was only sick first day of chemo changed his tablet now fine just really tired. The pain in his chest has also nearly gone. Although I am so happy I'm so sorry to other users of this site who have had bad news lately you are always in my thoughts. Just wanted to post a it of positive news. Best wishes to you all xx angie

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it is great to hear Mike is doing so well, that is incredibly encouraging news from his consultant.

Hope he continues to keep well and the treatment is not too tiring,

keep in touch, we all enjoy hearing the silver lining stories,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Hi Mikes radio doctor oops mean consultant lol is an incredible guy (I have my own names for them) mike has appointment to see him next Friday but don't think there will be anything to talk about as he updates him nearly every day. Just wish everyone had doctor like him he as been so good from the start. I thought mike would really struggle with treatment as he has also lost so much weight but he has been fine. All my positive thinking must of worked and rubbed off on him!! Thinking of you all xx angie


its good to hear as it can help others like us, gives hope that it can work on some of us, I've had to delay my 2nd batch of chemo due to abcess on gum by broken tooth, so good luck


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