Radical radiotherapy

Hi all would just like to thank all the wonderful people on this site. My partner was diagnosed nsclc stage 3 b on 13 th november. Like everyone else I thought the worst but after reading these posts I am confident he will soon be rid of this beast. He starts treatment 29th this month I know it will be tough for him but will be worth it when it's gone. He will have radio for 20 days with vino relbine cisplacin chemo at the same time. Don't yet know about following month he hasn't received his timetable yet but hopefully two months is all it will take. Best wishes to everyone xx. Angie

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  • Hi,

    Lets hope the 2 months are enough,best wishes to you both.


  • Hi Stewart. Just looked at your profile well done on beating this. Think it really helps people when they read positive posts like yours. I really hope the two months does the trick. Let's hope the doctors right . Thanks for the best wishes Angie

  • Thanks Angie,I have been very lucky so far and hope I am still N.E.D. at my next check up. I found the stage you are at now the worst,waiting for the treatment to start,time seems to drag.My imagination was going in all directions fearing the worst.Keep us informed how your partner finds the treatment.It is also important to look after yourself as it is also a very hard time for the carer.Wishing you both well.


  • Hello Angie

    Good to hear your news. We wish your partner well with his treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be quite exhausting. Thank you for your positive feedback on the forum and do let us know how things go,

    best wishes


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

  • Just wanted to say thinking of you keep strong x

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