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Energy levels and breathlessness

I had my operation to drain the lung and glue it back down again on the 6 Dec 2014, I was in a week and had one drain still in when I came home. The last of the stitches were out on Christmas eve and now all the dressings are gone.

So far so good but I am permanently knackered. One job and I have to rest for an hour or more I have at least one sleep during the day and I'm back in bed about 9:00 although I don't always go to sleep till later.

What can I do to increase my stamina. Should I be pushing myself more, I am doing one 20 minute walk a day at the minute, I have managed to get it down to about 3 stops en-route to get my breath back. If there is any slope I struggle and climbing stairs is now a planned effort. If we go shopping I don't go a walk as we try to incorporate the walk in with the shopping. I also am not eating as well as I used to, I find I am just not hungry and constantly seem to over face myself by putting too much on the plate.

I need to improve my level of fitness, will the breathlessness go now I have had the operation if I keep extending myself. I am fed up with being tired all the time.


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You have described my symptoms and feeling 100% and I have not had surgery!!!! Let us know how you get on. All the best.


Hi I had top right lung removed October 2013 thats 14 months ago I still get breathless not as bad as just after the op but I think the main healer is time, I did`nt do much exersize and I was still having to have a nap in the afternoon for the 1st month, I think you will find everything gets easier but you need to give it time good luck


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