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Hi, I am new.

I have Lung cancer, GemCarbo didn't work so I have just started a different chemo, it begins with a P!! and I have a B12 injection and folic acid pills.

What I want to ask is if anyone is suffering from neuropathy? I haven't slept now for 5 nights!!! the pain is horrific in my hands.

Any advice would be most welcome, I have been taking Amiltriptoline? (not spelt correctly!!) but so fay not working.

Help, I need sleep!!


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Hi ,I had a reaction to some medicine so the doctor put me on Gabapentin.It has not stopped it but has eased the pain .I hope you find something to help.



I do sympathize, I couldn't sleep for quite a few nights after my second chemo session. I chatted with my lung cancer nurse and she recommended getting hold of my consultant via his sec to get extra meds to help me sleep. Good luck, hope you get some sleep soon.

Kind regards,

Sue x


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