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Mom just dx six wks ago now stage 4!!!

Hello, my mom was initially diagnosed with a mass/ pneumonia and a week later after a bronchial scope the pulmonologist said stage three but curable with chemo/radiation well my mom started right away and two weeks later was dx with pleural effusion, it was also malignant. She has a plueral drain, draining average of 450ml every other day, cranberry colored fluid. This made her stage 4, now not curable. Treatment changed to carbol/amlita every 21 days. My mom did one round a few day's before thanksgiving and has been weak and sick since.

Last week she was so week, not eating enough so I took her to the hospital and dx pneumonia, again. Four days iv antibiotics, three blood transfusion,and magnesium and potassium iv. Released lastnight. She is scheduled to have second round of chemo tomorrow.


Can she do chemotherapy while still weak and sick?

Is palliative chemo worth the ache and misery(mom hasnt been out of the house or even bed more than for an appointment)

I just dont know what to do, she seems like she has given up when the fight just started, my mom was a vibrant 58 yr old woman working a full time career and now just two months later, she is a different person. Any advice??

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Dear Coco,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom.

It is unlikely that she'll be given chemo whilst she is so weak and sick.

Your Mom will be reassessed and the team may decide to reduce the dose, or give her a break. Sometimes the benefits of chemo are not immediate and some people are quite poorly during treatment, but feel better once the course is finished. Everybody is different of course, and the clinical team will advise what is best for your Mom. Please let us know how she gets on.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support,


Thank you your reply, you are right they did delay chemo for two weeks pending labs. She had a good day today and I am thankful for that :-)


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