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More advice please

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Hello everyone, following on from my post a couple of months back, things have completely changed direction for my husband and we are just so upset and terrified at what we are facing...the last time I posted here, my husband was having the 3rd cycle of 4 of chemo, then we were hoping that surgery was an option, unfortunately the 4th cycle was abandoned as my man was so unwell from it, we were then referred to see surgeon, and got an appointment to see him for last Thursday, my husband had a scan of his pelvis and lower back last Friday as he was in a lot of pain, fortunately, no sign of cancer there, phew!! But...this is where all the wheels started to fall off, he has an abdominal aortic aneurism that showed on the scan as dangerously about to rupture, so instead of seeing a thoracic surgeon on Thursday we found ourselves with a vascular surgeon being told that open surgery to repair the aorta was needed urgently (not suitable for keyhole) and that any further cancer treatment must take a back seat while this is dealt with and it would be a three month period for recovery, before any cancer treatment could re-commence, we are spinning with this news!! we have been on this roller coaster for two and half years now, to get to this point, and our hopes are dashed, yet again...

We both understand the urgency of this operation, which in itself is a big one, but what will happen now if the cancer is left to its own devices is anyone's guess, by the time they look at the cancer situation again, it will have been almost 5 months!!! Please does anyone have any advice or thoughts that might help us or even a magic button to press to stop things getting any worse, (I know, wouldn't that be wonderful) this is no time to joke, I'm sorry, my man is going in for his operation Monday next as far as we know, any advice or support will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Pjlady, So sorry to hear of your dilemma. I really do wish I had a magic wand for your hubby. All I can say is good luck to your husband on Monday. Perhaps the oncologist may be able to advise you after the heart surgery. BIG massive positive vibes been sent. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :)

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pjlady in reply to jillygirl

Hello jillygirl,

Thank you for your kind thoughts and best wishes. I'm hoping that repairing the aorta is easier than having heart surgery, from what I understand, the bulge in his aorta is below the heart but before the iliac arteries and they will be fitting a graft in place. Again, thank you for taking the time to reply.


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Hello jillygirl, thank you for you kind thoughts, it is very much appreciated. It's lovely to know that people are there on the other side of this glass screen

Know what you mean .

I'm so sorry to hear that your husband has this new and very serious problem. I can only wish you both the best for this operation and his subsequent cancer treatment.

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pjlady in reply to elja

Hello elja, thank you for your kind thoughts and words, I know that everyone on this site has or has had their own battles to fight with lung cancer, but i feel so humbled that you are all there when needed. I also wish you all the best for the future.

Really sorry to hear your news. It may work out ok in that not all cancer grows that fast. He will be able to have a scan in a couple of months and you would see what was happening. There also may be some less aggressive treatment he could have. Looking on the bright side.....believe it or not we can still do that sometimes.....I It was found before it ruptured so that has to be good news eh? I sometimes wonder about the run of bad luck that has brought me to the point I am at, but there are always positive things dotted here and there. Get this next hurdle over and then see how it goes.All is not lost. Stay strong.Best wishes.Julie xx

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pjlady in reply to jujuju

Hello jujuju, thank you for your kind thoughts, yes, I have realised that we wouldn't have known how bad it was without him having the scan, we knew he had the AAA but it has been monitored every 3 months and was not increasing in size, it was looked at less than a month ago, and all seemed well, everyone involved in my husband's medical team were hoping to deal with the cancer first, we have been on a long road with many twists and turns, like most other people here have, I'm sure...i know I have to be strong, and will try to be more positive. x

Dear PJLady,

Sending you positive vibes. It's a monumental obstacle course and you are on a detour and it's very frustrating. I think jujuju is right. All is not lost, and it is good they identified the problem before another round of chemo. The medics will be weighing up risks and the thing we have learnt in our 4 months since diagnosis is that no one really knows what each cancer is going to do next, especually after 3 rounds of chemo. Got everything crossed for you. Hope for the best. Kx

Hello pea-green-boat,

Thank you for your support and positive vibes, a detour is a good way of describing this place we find ourselves in, we have been on this journey now since April 2012, with so many twists and turns, hopefully we will get back on the right road soon.

Best wishes for the future, pjlady x

Dear Pjlady,

I am so sorry to hear all about your husband's health problems. I am thinking of you and wish you both a lot of strength, hope and just all the very best.

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pjlady in reply to bernini

Hello Bernini,

Thank you so much, I too, wish you all the best.

pjlady x

Dear Pilady

So feel for you both. On a positive note, My husband had the same op 2 years ago. He was in hospital here in France. He bounced back after & was back to work within 6 weeks.

I know it is different circumstances for your husband (I am the one who HAD lung cancer).

I wish you both the best for the coming op, it is always so much more difficult for the partner watching their loved one go through treatments etc.

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pjlady in reply to Anniecat

Hello Anniecat,

Thank you for your response, and your insight into the imminent surgery my husband is about to undergo.

I'm pleased that you are both doing well, and take hope from your kind words.

Regards pj lady x

Hi Pjlady I know how you feel and delay of cancer treatment. My husband finished his chemo in October 13 and was only able to have 5 of his 6 treatments. He was to be referred to a surgeon for likely surgery unfortunately this was not possible due to the location of the tumour. This had delayed any further cancer treatment until april 14 a total of 6 months and the tumour had not increased in size during this time. He had radiotherapy in April 14 and is currently in remission hope this gives you some positive thoughts, I know everyone is different and we still don't know what will happen in the future but we take each day as it comes xx

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pjlady in reply to annee112

Hi annee112,

Thank you for letting me know of your husbands journey, I'm pleased that he is doing well, I hope that my husbands cancer stays quiet while we take our "detour" as pea-green-boat calls it

Sorry that lost the end bit

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