Do you have any helpful "Hints and Tips" for people living with lung cancer?

We are in the process of compiling the Spring/Summer "Inspire" magazine and are looking for suggestions for our "hints and Tips" section on living with lung cancer.

If you would like to see previous suggestions go to publications/inspire magazine.

Please post any suggestions here and we may include it in our next edition.

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  • Hi Beth

    I can't get into the page you mentioned. My main hint/tip for folk living with cancer, is for them to be around positive people as much as possible. It doesn't do any good (I don't think) if friends and family are being negative and referring to 'poor you' etc. If friends are positive in in their outlook, it will rub off on the patient.

    Bill :)

  • Hi Beth

    My advise to the family/friends is let the person do as much as they can, keep them active and on the move as lung cancer patients are more prone to blood clots. We learnt the hard way and I am now giving my mum daily Clexane injections and will be for the next 6 months.

    As Bill said they must also be as positive as possible. The person with cancer will have a million and one things running round their head and really could do without the stress and upset of other peoples worries.

    Deb :o)


  • Hi Beth, I agree with the others, people must let the person who has the Cancer to do as much as want to do, it's their body they know how much they can or can't do. Avoid stress as much as possible as this isn't good for anyone! Also staying positive is a Great help! I feel that if your positive then your Family and Friends will be Positive! Make dreams and plans!

    Georgie x

  • Hi Georgie1,

    Could you please email me at regarding your tip.



  • My tips for living with cancer is to keep yourself busy,lots of social interaction in the company of family, friends or work colleagues.Another great thing is getting some exercise,stimulating those endorphines thingy's in your brain,keeps up your mental wellbeing as well as keeping you fit.I took out a part time gym membership Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm,I have access to the gym,swimming pool,jakuzzi ,sauna and steamroom all for £27/month,this also provides inclusively,two x 1 1/2 hour session of yoga.Yoga for the un-intiated,is a wonderful exercise routine,particularly suitable for lung cancer survivors,its all about,breathing,relaxation and stretching muscles you never even knew you had. Since retiring I have now a millionaires lifestyle,ahem,without the money of course LOL.

  • Hi all, thankyou for your answers and I think everyone will agree that being positive and keeping oneself busy is a vital tip. We're also looking for practical advice on the day to day living with lung cancer, such as using a boot jack to remove wellies when bending down is a problem. Anything at all that you have experienced that has made your life easier.

  • hi all, i agree with you about positive thinking and from my experience with chronic disease we would be better off if taking herbs to help speed healing. i am smoker and can't quit smoking so I take herbal supplements every day to maintain a healthy body

  • Hi all, I agree that posivity is important, however I felt it just as important to be honest when having a bad time. I've shared my laughs, tears & fears. It can be a scarey, frustrating, lonely & depressing place to be. I would allow myself to express my negitivity, we all have it as none of us really knows our fate at some point. It's ok to cry, feel scared, angry or any other way you may feel. It's not ok to deny it & pretend you're ok if that's not how you feel on that day, occasion or moment. Sandra x

  • Hi Sandraka,

    Could you please email me at regarding your tip.



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