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my husband

we went to the hospital today 5/8 /13 to see my husbands consultant we have find out the name of the chemotherapy which they are saying they could start him on (they call it secondly chemo) it called Docetaxel (Taxotere) what are the side affects? we were also told that my husband had a chest infection which the doctor had given him a capsules called Doxycycline, if anyone else had had this chemo or knows about the side affects can you please let us know, and if it has work for them thanks

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Hi Carol, There is some more information on our website about side effects Hope this is useful. Emma



My dad passed away a month ago from stage 4 lung cancer. In the year beforehand he went to the Drs many times complaining of back pain (it was in his bones), fatigue, weight loss- all symptoms of cancer-yet because the bloods were ok until it was too late and a scan of kidneys (they thought is was a stone) revealed nothing of note, he was not sent for scans. I ask myself why not? Even if it was too late to cure, surely he could have felt listened to and maybe it wouldn't have spread to his brain as it was the NSCL which spreads slower.

Really feel like I want to do something to stop this happening again to someone else's dad.



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