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my husband ended

my husband ended his chemotherapy on the 22/3/2013,We went for the results of CT today was told that the chemotherapy had done its job it has stop the cancer in the lung geting any biger and the lymph nodes have gone down, we was given a appointment for 3 months time, and told to go and have a holiday,We had been told about a treatment called TomoTherapy the doctor told us that she dont know a lot about the treatment, but she dont think that my husband could have it, we feel happy about some of the news the chemotherapy has give us more time , but feel that there must be more treatment out there that could help, we should at least been offered more chemotherapy or Lressa, does anyone know of any treatment that my husband could have, to help hold the cancer to give him even more time? if so please could you tell us from were and how?

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Hello it is great news for you both that the chemo has at least stopped any more growth right now. I am just at the beginning of my journey, waiting to start chemo. I had neck cancer two years ago and after surgery chemo and radiotherapy got well very quickly. It is a little scary to find out I have cancer again now in my lung, but I really believe you can work yourself better along side the help you get from all your specialists. Good varied healthy diet, lots of exercise and enjoy every day. This time I cant have surgery or radiotherapy so will be relying on good results from the treatment. I have read about Tomothearapy, it is similar to radio but very much more targeted, it slices section by section from lots of angles rather than front on. Depending on where you live some hospitals have the machinery, it is quite new, but it is also available privately from BUPA's Cromwell Road hospital. Those reports I read of people who had it said it was very successful. It is obvious you want to do everything you can for your husband, I feel the same about my treatment, I would do anything I needed to!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you, x


Hi caroltaylor, sorry I can not answer your question but it sounds like you both received some good news from the ct scan.you have stopped any more growth of the cancer in the lung and the lymph nodes, that has to be good news! Stay positive!,will keep you in my prayers. Georgie x


Hello Carol

It is encouraging that your husband's chemotherapy has slowed his tumour. In terms of what treatments are relevant it will be personalised to his situation. Below is a link to our booklet, Answering Your Questions. It is also worth talking to your clinical nurse specialist, who should be able to explain more about treatment options and why your are being given the advice from your doctor. If you don't have the Nurse's contact information we should be able to provide it.

best wishes

Lorraine on behalf of the Information & Support Service



Hi good news about your husbands tumour. Always worth chatting to your specialist nurse if you have one about treatment options. I don't know much about the chemo therapies treatments out there as I wasn't suitable for them but I can tell you that thus far Iressa has proved effective for not all but most nsclc people who have been non smokers and have an EGFR positive mutation. If your husband is not in this group that is why they haven't been able to offer Iressa as it is not going to be effective for his particular type of canser I am afraid.Hope all continues to go well



hi my husband went to the Q E hospital to find out about the Tomothearapy treatment he was told that he was not suitable, because of were the cancer is in the lung and were the lymph nodes are, we was told the it would not work. We went back to see the doctor at the hospital for 3 months appointment after his last chemo, was told that they can give him secondly chemo, the doctor said they call it that because it has a lot more side affects, does any one know anything about secondly chemo? also my husband had c/scan which showed that the cancer had got big again, he is also having a lot of pain, so as you can see ,I am just looking for thing that can help him.


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