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It's Scanxiety Time Again


The surgery to remove the upper lobe of my left lung for adenocarcinoma was on June 1, 2015. Since then there have been periodic scans, but the anxiety before them persists. There is a slow growing nodule in each lung, so hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. Wish me luck on Tuesday.

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Wishing for the best.


JeanE41 in reply to rdflynnjr

Thank you.

Jean I'm wishing you the best. Just have faith and hope. Don't give up keep fighting. I'll fight with you and give you all the hope in my heart. Love susie jo

JeanE41 in reply to SusieJo1948

Thank you.

Wishing you uneventful, healthy scan results and sending positive vibes! Please let us know how you are!

JeanE41 in reply to Lisam81

Thank you.

I had my right upper lobe removed in 2016, with three lymph nodes taken and were clear(stage 1b). I have nodules in two other lobes that have remained around 3-4mm. My oncologist still says "No Cancer"....2 1/2 years cancer free, I won't say I don't get anxious, but it has not stopped me from living. Treat your body well, exercise, eat clean and enjoy life😊

JeanE41 in reply to tzfarr

I agree whole heartedly. Congratulations on 2 1/2 years NED.

Let us know how it goes. Currently I don’t have cancer showing-only scar tissue. Yet I get very anxious every time there is a scan. I get them every three months.

Wishing you the best on Tuesday.


JeanE41 in reply to Ncpoet

Thank you Judy.

Sending you peace and positivity 🌻

JeanE41 in reply to Yogamama72

Thank you.

Good luck!

JeanE41 in reply to Stillbiking

Thank you.

I also had lobe removed. Still watching over 2 spots in left lower lung. Next scan Nov. So I do understand how you must feel. It is not so much the scan that bothers me. No, the piercing eyes of my oncologist when I meet with her has to be the worst. I guess we just do not connect on a human level. Her busines is one of providing me toxins. Very analytical,precise, cold. I am the number xxxx pt. A number. But I am far more than that. I am a human being. So are you. Sometimes we just want to talk to someone who understands. Amen.

JeanE41 in reply to Stillbiking

Thank you for your kind words of support. I'm sorry you have an oncologist with whom you do not feel a positive connection. I have been very fortunate to have one that is kind and caring as well as very knowledgeable. I wish you well on this journey.

Stillbiking in reply to JeanE41

Thank you and am looking into that currently.

anrean in reply to Stillbiking

Hi I have 4 oncologists because I have had 5 cancers. One of them has the personality of a stone, but she is very good and on top of everything. Over the last 16 years I did fire one because he was a people person AND YET was not on top of everything. If you trust your oncologist but just don't like her, that is one thing; but if she isn't on top of things, it is time to get a 2nd opinion and seriously think about firing her. I learned early in all of this just how important it is to tolerate the stones when they know what they are doing. It is your body, and you need to feel comfortable that you are getting the best possible care. Hoping your journey is peaceful.

good luck jean I to fear my scans its the worst feeling I had my right upper lobe removed in june2016 and three ribs scans have been clear since but the fear remains every time everyday I wouldn't wish this cancer on my worst enemy I hate the fear we have to live IM PRAYING FOR AN EXCELLENT SCAN FOR YOU!!!!!!

JeanE41 in reply to cmilashoski

Thank you for your support. It is so helpful to know I'm not alone in this.

Sincere wishes for a good scan!

JeanE41 in reply to Gingerbeer

Thank you

Wow jeanE41 it seems we must have been twins separated at birth lol. I too have a scan Tuesday and they found new nodes in my lungs as well. I start cleaning, organizing and de cluttering the Sunday before I go up north to my cancer center (I go up Monday and stay overnight at a hotel, get my scan Tuesday and stay another night and then results Wednesday with my oncologist). For some reason the cleaning takes my mind off the scans whether my house needs it or not. I clean and de clutter every drawer in the house and get on my hands and knees and use qtips around the toilets lol. You could eat off the bathroom floor when I’m done. Something about knowing everything is spotless just in case I get bad news; makes me feel better. Not sure why except maybe because when I was first diagnosed it was so unexpected and I ended up in the hospital 80 miles from home for over 50 days. By the time I got home the dust was an inch thick and the house was a mess basically. My husband was too worried to clean lol. That gave me an uneasy feeling like what if I died and people came to my house after my funeral and it was a mess? I know it’s ridiculous but that’s just me. So, ever since then...the day before I leave for my scans I clean clean clean. Even my bird gets his nails done and a bath before I go. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind but the truth is, we do whatever makes us feel better so we can concentrate on the task at hand. Anyway, please try and find something to take your mind off your scans. Clean something or bake something (I made brownies yesterday and am making homemade ravioli again today) or even just do your nails. Anything to relieve the anxiety. Lucky for me I have a freezer full of medical marijuana edibles if the anxiety gets too bad. Good luck Tuesday!


JeanE41 in reply to ynkefan08753

We all need those activities that help us through the anxiety. All the better if they are positive ones. I, too, organize and binge watch favorite shows and movies, cook and bake and knit for my church group. Helping others also helps me. I wish you a clean scan. Let me know how it goes. Jean

Wils70 in reply to ynkefan08753

You can come clean my house too if that would help you. It sure would make me feel great.😀 I loved reading this.

Wishing you the very best on Tuesday. I get scanned by somebody at least twice every 3 months, so can understand the anxiety. Breathe and distract yourself...I don't think about the scan until the night before because otherwise it would be mass pandimonium. Please make sure to let us know the results!! We are all in your corner rooting for a great scan!


Thank you. Keeping busy definitely helps.

I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you receive good news!

JeanE41 in reply to PegD

Thank you.


Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Glad you said that. That was also the best advice I got when my journey started.

Please let us know how you do. Best hopes for an unremarkable ct.

JeanE41 in reply to Denzie

Thanks Denzie.

Sending positive energy your way. Please let us know how you are doing.

JeanE41 in reply to KatherineK

Thank you.

Scanxiety! I get it, too! Hope yours is good news!

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