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Gene Targeted Therapy ???

My wife was 1st diagnosed with NSCLC stage 3B April 2016. She had radiation and Carboplatin treatments and was given NED diagnosis Nov 2016. PET scan in May 2017 showed cancer was back and metastatic to bone. She has had 6 rounds of Keytruda and side effects have been joint pain,mild stomach issues and extreme exhaustion. She decided to get a 2nd opinion and visited MD Anderson this week and her Medical Team there has recommended Gene Targeted Therapy because she has the EFGR. Has anyone had treatments with Gene Targeted Therapy? Thank you all we have learned so much from this group.

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Firedance, I have taken targeted treatments for EGFR mutated cancer - Tarceva and Tagrisso, plus a couple of clinical trials. They've given me over 3 years of good quality life.

Do you know what specific EGFR mutation your wife has? There are several. I have Exon 19 deletion. Different mutations respond better to different drugs. Current approved first line drugs are Tarceva, Iressa, and Gilotrif. The FDA may also be approving use of Tagrisso for first use after diagnosis with an EGFR mutation in the near future.

These drugs can have a remarkable effect, and can work for some patients for a quite a while. I used Tarceva for 10 months, and Tagrisso for 18 months. There are side effects, mostly rashes and gastrointestinal issues, and doctors and fellow patients have gotten pretty good at managing the side effects.

My current status: I am on chemo.

Please ask any questions you have, I'll try to help.



Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, I have shared them with my wife Burnetta.


You’ve heard from two of the best: MD Anderson and Anita. If I may add one thing? You’ve gotten an opinion from one of the finest Cancer hospitals in the world, with advice that is straightforward you would do well to follow it.


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