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Return appointment

Hi guys! My lymphoedema was settling nicely, but has now flared up again, my legs are all lumpy again and my feet are like balloons. My old compression stockings don't seem to be working these days. The problem I have is that my lymph clinic has moved from my local community hospital to a general hospital over 12 miles away. I would have real difficulty getting there and back. Is there anything I can do? I really need to see my nurse, but I don't know how to go about it?? Thanks XX

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Hi Sue32, Sounds like you need to try and make the journey to get remeasured and assessed - better to be safe than try and manage changes yourself


hi sue32

if you're on some benefits you can get help with your travel costs, & in some cases (eg if you're severely mobility impaired & haven't got anyone who can help you get there) you might be eligible for hospital traansport - the criteria vary from place to place, your gp'll know

some lymphoedema services also offer home visits - again, really variable - so it's worth asking

otherwise, it's going to mean gritting your teeth & making the journey - then, when you get home & if you've got the energy, writing to your gp & mp to complain about the closure of the more local service


That's a really good idea norb!! Will try that. Thanks guys, I knew I could rely on you!! XX


See your GP for more information they may know another source of lymph clinic closer to home


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