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Have my regular checkup today for lymphodema in both lower limbs. Not really looking forward to it as know my leg is a bit more swollen than normal and have put a little weight on so dreading hearing what I already know which is that they are worse because I'm not helping myself. Have a few questions to ask about the farrow wraps today to as when I take them off at night my legs become incredibly itchy and it's so unbearable to the fact that I have to itch it and end up making my legs bleed. I have asked in clinic about this before but just got to try this cream try that cream but nothing works, well hopefully they may have another suggestion today that may work. Will leave you know how it goes.

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  • Nhs can supply silk inner stockings. They

    do some polyester stuff and 'dream silk'

    It's a processed silk but said to be better.

    You can get both on NHS

    Why not try bespoke zipper half leg socks?

    Unless you need whole leg?

    Good luck


  • Appointment went better than I thought it would. Weight wasn't too bad as not much difference in the last 6 months. Left leg is a bit bigger but right is smaller. They have advised with the stockings to wear the liner that comes with the wraps as am having new ones ordered and to also try taking a antihistamine tablet. Haven't heard of the zipper socks will look them up its the lower limb so up to knee stockings I have.

  • Hi

    My mother always has the

    specially made zippers they

    are NHS. Farrows can't be

    tolerated by all / why impose

    them on yourself??

    They're your legs! It's not

    easy to get them dispensed


    Doctor and chemist mess up

    non stop. But there's a firm

    Daylong that say they do it

    and they have good reports

    on our forum,


  • I have a suggestion. I suffered from terrible itch in my feet for years when coming in from the cold to a warm house. Irving or scratching would make them itch worse. Then one day I tried putting them in cool water and letting them warm up slowly and it worked! No more itching. I think the itch was caused by the rapid filling of surface blood vessels.

  • I can't stand heat on my feet at all now they itch and swell like mad. I keep a gel blanket permanently in a plastic bag in the freezer so that I can put my feet up, cover my feet and lower legs with a thin towel and put the ice blanket on them. Whatever you do don't scratch otherwise ulcers will develop. Hope this helps.

  • How I sympathise - we desperately need someone to champion our care, and I have written an article, which will probably make me unpopular, but in my case it was a Hungarian that solved my Lymphoedema care, no-one in UK.

  • Aloe vera always soothes my leg from the itch.

  • Aloe vera gel

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