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A benefit I was not expecting - The compression bandage is encouraging

me to wee (sorry if this is upsetting) I have been weeing every hour through the night since I stRTED THE COMPRESSION brilliant I am feeling thinner and I could do with being thinner. Does this happen to every one? Are there other side effects I need to know about I am sure everyone is happy to help each other ( must go need the loo) xgins

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Sounds like the compression is doing it's job and getting the fluid back into circulation where your kidneys can remove it from the body.

As far as I know there's nothing else to look out for with compression bandaging but weeing lots is normal if it's working well.


yup passing lotsa urine is part and parcel of compression stockings /bandaging..I have to get up at least twice during the night...but my legs are now nearly back to normal size so i live with the weeing LOL..another thing with me is I have no pain any more which is awesome...I


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