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Need wider broader shoes

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For some years I have needed broad fitting shoes. Width 8E

I wear compression stockings and now my latest prescription are thicker than previously. My shoes are tight! Particularly in this hot weather.

Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes wider shoes, please?

I walk a lot, I think. About 4 or 5 hours a day and have prescription insoles, as well.

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In the other Lymphie support groups many people talk about Cozy Feet having wide fitting comfortable shoes

I find men's shoes are wider and I can wear UK size 7 instead of UK size 8 in women's (if I didn't have lymphoedema I would wear UK size 6). I have a great pair of mens white leather casual lace ups which I will be wearing today, with a dress, to go off on a course.

Not ideal I know but it works for me. I also walk a lot - average 6 miles a day, often more. I wear walking shoes bought from an outdoor shop most of the time, in a size larger than I would previously have worn. V comfortable. Also Doc Martens, likewise in a larger size (I’m wearing UK size 7 when previously I would have worn 51/2 or 6). Now I’ve shifted into Teva open sandals including for walking - though they don’t give the support that the shoes do, they’re much cooler for this weather.Sorry for your problems, I hope you find a good solution for you. Xx

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TeresaMay in reply to DeborahS32

I have tried walking footwear previously but the full width was not there

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DeborahS32 in reply to TeresaMay

Oh that’s a shame for you. I hope you find something that works for you soon

Just diagnosed just cosy feet, recommended by podiatrist the shoes with soft fronts...

I get mine from d&b wide fitting shoes.

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TeresaMay in reply to Barry58

I have been using them for years. Unfortunately I have "outgrown" them. :-)

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TeresaMay in reply to Barry58

I have been buying D&B's widest

Hi I have the same problem so know how you feel. I went to my GP and explained the situation and was referred to the shoe makers, orthotics I think its called. who visit the hospital.I get my footware made, 2 pairs every 2 years on the NHS. In actual fact I've just had boots made. You get a choice. Shoes or boots.

Not especially stylish, but at least I can get them on every day, and comfortable.

It's worth a try. I'm in Hertfordshire, so if we do this, other counties probably do the same.

Best of luck, don't give up, you are not alone.

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TeresaMay in reply to jjbinks

I already have orthotic inserts. Maybe I will try the Mobility Centre (now a private organisation, gone from NHS) for advice.

'Cozy Feet' have such an old-fashioned name but the shoes are brilliant. My favourite is the all-wool slippers but I have had trainers from them too. Not cheap but certainly suitable for lymphy feet.

I am the same fitting. Widerfit Shoes do 8e on some styles and fit me

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