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2nd Week of dressings and wow what a difference

lovely nurse cut aw way my bondage and wow my legs have shrunk - amasing still a long way to go with foot and ankle so I am now on double wRAP -- sounds like a lunch roll haha-

I am a little bonkers guys no apology for that. My legs over the week became very co,mortable and even my sleeping improved and wow did I wee . All to the good so here I am encased with serious itch on one leg is this usual do I scratch or do I have to ignore?

We were talking about the next step and I have problem so can not put stockings on so I am hoping to get leg splints any one heard of these?


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Leg splints? Could this be something like Farrow Wrap? If so, it's good stuff.

If you have a serious 'itch' ask the nurse to apply some Diprobase or E45 after she washes the leg, or use Epaderm to wash the leg.


Not sure but I should find out next week :)


hi gins

what a lovely post!

really pleased for you


it is quite a relief to actually see it going down not up :)


Hello gins!

So glad to read you very positive comments. Way to go girl! You may give hope to others on this site. And you may also get even more information and advice,


Morning Legs eleven Thanks for your encouragement :) best wishes gins


How wonderful I am so pleased to read such a positive blog. This has inspired me to go to my doctor and DEMAND I see a professional nurse.

Well done gins xx


Glad it is working out for you Gins


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