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Are you all encouraging your Doctor to take the BMJ learning module?

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Here is information about it:

My GP found it very useful and, from my point of view there is no doubt I am getting better care particularly with regard to antibiotic therapy when it's needed. I know I am lucky to have one partner in the practice interested in lymphoedema but I'd encourage everyone to make sure your local practice knows about the existence of the learning module.

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Hi I passed the postcard on to my GP but do not know if she or any of the other healthcare practitioners in the practice have taken it up.

I have been trying to encourage the GPs that I see to do the module but have no idea if they have looked at it. I'm thinking about writing to the Practice Manager and asking if it were possible to encourage the GPs to do the module, especially as I'm aware I'm not the only sufferer that attends the practice.

Before I got diagnosed I think I'd seen all 6 doctors there, given loads of different diagnosis and it was the last one I saw that thought I may have lymphoedema but he confessed he knew next to nothing about the condition except there was no cure and I needed specialist stockings (which freaked me out a bit!). He also had no idea where to refer me so left me to look into that and a week later went back to him with a list of specialists after digging on the internet. 3 years later and I still think I know more than my doctors!

thanks so much for this - millions of doctors who could benefit that I've come acdross

Thank you for that, I shall be advising my GP/surgery of this module.

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Hello, me again.

I started by taking my GP copies of the LSN "magazine" in.

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