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Are you able to walk when bandaged following MLD treatment ?

I am having 3 weeks of intensive MLD treatment next week at St Georges Hospital,and am having to stay at a nearby hotel. Following the treatment my legs will be bandaged to the groin. Can anyone tell me if you are able to walk alittle,or will i walk like Frankenstein ?? I am apprehensive as i guess that it will be a painful and uncomfortable process, but ive experienced increased pain over time, so am hopeful for some relief.

Can anyone share their experience please,

Many Thanks


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You will be fine, and actually walking is recommended whilst wearing bandages. At the large European clinics, the patients are sent out walking as part of their physio!

If you have never had bandaging before, you may feel a little ungainly initially, but you will very soon get into the routine.


Many thanks for the response Lynora I am starting to feel a little easier about it all, hopefully all will be well.


yes you will walk like Frankenstein, particularly when you area first bandaged :-) but it does get easier as the day wears on. there is some discomfort but again you get used to that. it's well worth going through. You'll be amazed at the difference. I've only had it done once several years ago now and i still feel i am benefitting from it. that along with correctly fitting stockings. The people at St Georges at lovely. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you have, however silly they sound - make the most of your time with them.


Thank you so much Fatfeet for your response. You have managed to put me at ease !! Nice to know that you also had the treatment and found it very beneficial. I will head off tomorrow feeling a lot more confident. I should like to update you on my experience.


yes you can walk, I even went on execise bike etc with mine on....

one thing and it may have just been my experience sleeping was awful, my leg just went numb and lost all feeling after an hour of laying down so I was constantly up walking around every hour of the night. but it needs to be done so just persevere if you do feel this


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