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has anyone tried solidea arm compression sleeves from USA?

Despite the fact one needs a small mortgage to purchase one of these I wondered if anyone had tried one - the web link is here

Of course all the compression info is done in different numbers just to confuse us poor mortals but if they turn out to be equivalent just wondered if they are more comfy than the one I have from mediven that has very tight upper band ...which also seems to be rather against the general point of the sleeve in my head..?

your thoughts / experience most welcome thanks Nicola

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You may buy them directly from the Italian web sight, if you wish--which has the European compression figures, rather than American. I've never been able to afford them, but the women on a US breast cancer/le website I've been on mostly loved the sleeves. Solidea's website has an English side, and you have to set up an account before you order, but you may then order online (I almost ordered one, but changed my mind after looking at the price)

Have you tried sigvaris? I prefer them to my mediven sleeve.


Hi, I now wear a jobst arm sleeve after a few years on Mediven. The one I wear has a silicone arm band at top which keeps it in good position, but if you cannot tolerate the silicone you can get a simple Jobst sleeve. I get mine on NHS in Scotland. I wear a Sigvaris glove. The Jobst fabric is finer weave than sigvaris I would say.

Good luck with finding a sleeve that you are happy with, it's a case of trial and error!


hiya nicola

i tried every brand going & have ended up with jobst sleeves with knitted tops (you can also get them with the silicone 'stay up' strips but i don't get on with them)

they don't dig in even tho the tops of my arms are fairly chunky, but can droop a bit & crease at the elbows so need attention & readjusting a few times a day

i know i'll probably have to give in & go into made to measure at some point but i'm resisting it - they're thicker & stiffer, even in the same compression class

those usa / italian ones do look rather nice tho, don't they - having 2 sleeves, i do like the idea of having the all-in one altho i'm not sure i'd be able to put it on without help, but they look like they'd need less adjusting during the day

it's the dosh tho, isn't it? i'm having to buy the corsets myself now cos the local service have stopped supplying them, & i'm not sure we could run to a few pairs of these sleeves as well

anyone done the conversion? how much are they in £?


HI everyone, thanks so much for your help. And during this process I made an amazing discovery - chic compressions now import and do all the translation work for you etc....thanks for tips about different sleeves you've found helpful. A sleeve from lymphdivas via chic compressions is about 49 quid up to 65 depending how funky you want your patterns / diamente etc!


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